Back To School & My Name On A Grain Of Rice


Hey guys! So I start school in 10 days and I'm SUPER excited!!!! I think my parents are kind of worried about me... but who cares! I have all my supplies, I know what I'm gonna wear, How my hair is gonna be, what time I'm gonna wake up at, and a whole bunch of other things. I'm the kind of person who likes school because at least I have something to constantly occupies me throughout the day. I find summer kinda boring after a while. A month and a half through summer I was already wanting to go back to school! Plus, it's my last year in elementary school! That's right, I'm in grade 8. I own the school this year! Well actually the principal does but... one day. Students can dream. I'm so excited for school, I got these really cheap ugly note books and I made them look cute by taking folder covers and putting them on the covers. Here are some pictures!

Who knew math could look so cute! I'm dying to write in them. Like seriously, I've had to stop myself a couple times.

In other news, I recently went to the CNE, aka the Canadian National Exhibition. I had tons of fun! Plus we got a pretty good deal to get in. Usually you have to pay like $20 to get in, but after 6:00 pm, you only have to pay $6! But to go on rides, you either have to pay $55 for 55 tickets, or $60 for a wrist band that gets you on all the rides. Trust me, the wrist band is totally worth the money. I went on a ski lift around the park, went on tons of rides and got my name painted on a grain of rice! I didn't try and crazy foods. If you don't know what crazy foods I'm talking about, I'm talking about deep fried oreos, deep fried mars bars, deep fried blooming onion, chicken fried in frosted flakes, and deep fried chips. Everything is deep fried! It's nasty. I saved myself from dying so that's good. Sadly I can't show you my name on a grain of rice because my camera wouldn't focus on it. It's a grain of rice so it's pretty small.
I even got a henna tattoo, although it's kind of fading. Again I couldn't show you because it's too faded to be focused on.

That's all for today! If you have any questions, need advice or an opinion, leave it in the comments and I will try my very best to get back to you! Byeee!

XOXO Bella 

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