Why Am I Freaking Out About This?!


OMG. Okay, I may sound kinda like a really weird person, but I didn't realise this. 3 people in the Philippines, THE PHILIPPINES, actually read my blog. Like, what?! I know some people must be like, " Oh yeah? People in France and Sweden read my blog." They probably do, but this is kinda a big moment for me. I know it's only 3 people, but that's enough to get me really excited!! When I logged on today and saw a comment from a girl named Jade (beautiful name by the way!) I looked at her profile, yes I am a huge creep, and it said she was from the Philippines. I was like, this can't be real. When I realised it was, I was so amazed that my blog actually appealed to someone. I find it amazing how that one comment from her literally made my heart skip a couple beats and made me so happy. Jade, if your reading this, thank you for literally making my whole entire day, SO MUCH BETTER! I really hope that my blog will grow and help some people out. Thank you so much again Jade!

That's all for today, if you have any questions, need an opinion or some advice, leave it in the comments and I will try my best to get back to you! Byeee!

XOXO Bella

Check out Jades blog here: lumierejade.blogspot.ca

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    1. No problem Jade! This day meant a lot to me. Considering we are tiny fish in a big sea, we are the small fish no one really see's and it will take time to get noticed by other people. I know it's a weird fish under the sea refrence but it's true! Love ya too!