Almost Sitting On My Crush...


Well, today was going pretty well. Until we were packing up to go home. Here's what went down...
So I was at my hook getting my backpack to bring back into the classroom to put my homework in it. As I was out there, there was a swarm of my other classmates doing the same thing. As I was backing away after I had gotten my bag, I didn't realise that Aid (my crush in the past few blogposts) was literally right behind me kneeling on the ground packing his own bag. So, I lost my balance because he sorta tripped me with his ENTIRE BODY and I nearly sat on him. Either that or I would have fallen over him. He was like, "IZZY!" and I was like, "Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry!" and then he was like " You almost sat on me!" then I was like, " You shouldn't have been right behind me on the ground! I couldn't see you!" Then he smiled at me and laughed it off. Meanwhile I grabbed my stuff and once the bell rang, I sprinted out the school. All I was thinking about on the way home was how stupid I must've looked to him. Oh yeah, here's the girl who has a crush on me about to either sit on me or fall over or on top of me. Flattering. Oh and yes he knows I like him, thanks to a couple of my friends... That's all for today. Leave a comment if you have ever been in a situation like me. Hopefully he doesn't think I'm clumsy, although I am. But this was all on him though, it wasn't my fault I almost sat on him, he was behind me #1 and #2 he was on the floor. If he was standing he would've tripped me either way but I wouldn't have almost sat on him! Thanks so much for reading! Follow my blog for notifications when I make a new post. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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