Try saying this ten times fast. Photo taken from Tumblr
                 This is a fear I am dealing with and have dealt with. Being forgotten, and this year it's coming at me like no tomorrow. Next year I'm going to high school which means a whole new life starts. I'm not going to see my friends anymore or maybe just not all the time. The thought of being forgotten about by the people you grew up with, the people who you've known for the past 10 years at elementary school, forgotten. If you're lucky you will still keep some of your friends from elementary school. Me and my friends were discussing about this and there's this guy I really like. I'll call him Arnold. Now, I've liked Arnold since Kindergarten and last year and this year I felt like we've become a little closer. I think of him a lot and I try not to because I know next year, he's going to be forgotten and probably forget me. That is the thing I am most afraid of, well apart from spiders at least. It's just so upsetting to not see anyone anymore. I don't know how long this will last, but me and my friends promised that next year we would meet at lunch everyday. Hopefully it lasts because I am really bad at meeting new people. I am just really socially awkward. Hopefully Arnold and I still keep in touch in high school, and if not, there are other fish in the sea. I don't know but the thought of forgetting about the people you've known for 10 years just disappearing makes me want to hug them and cry and makes me really sad. This year on the last day of school I am literally going to cry my heart out and hug everyone! Anyways, comment down below if you feel the same. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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