Dear Future Me (Tag)


Dear Future Me,

Hey! How are you? I have a handfull of nosy questions to ask you. May I mind you, I am 13 at the moment and all this nosiness was on you. You wanted to know this about your future self and these were the questions you were dying to know the answer to. So don't bother forgiving you for how many questions you wanted answered. So let's start off, shall we?

How was your grad trip? Did you even go? Hopefully Dr.L fixed the stomach situation and you were able to go panic attack free!
Did Dan move to Australia yet? Do you Skype and text and Face Time still?
 Do you remember the time you almost sat on Aid? And when Dan, Liz and Kat made that picture where they put you and Ant beside each other and planned a wedding for us on December 22nd in Antarctica? Seb was the ring bearer and Liz was the priest, Ire was the flower girl and Kat, Bia, and Dan were your bridesmaids and Clar was the maid of honor. Oh the good days.
 I hope you are doing well, stomach thing sorted out and feeling more confident with your body. Did you grow any taller? Did you accomplish being fit and athletic?
How was high school? Did you get honor roll in grade 8?  Did Fai ever text you back? Are you still in contact with the squad?
Has Aid asked you out? Or told you that he liked you? Do you still play computer games with him? Do you guys even talk to each other anymore or has he forgotten about you?Do you still see each other at school ? Or did you find someone new?
Hows Ini? Do you still talk to him? Is he well? How's he doing with Mic? Hopefully they are good.
Did you start up your YouTube channel again? What videos do you post? Do you have 1 million subscribers yet?
Have you met Bethany Mota yet? Or visit London and meet Zoella and Alfie and Marcus and Niomi and Dan and Phil? Did you meet any YouTubers yet?
How's your blog? Is it big? Are your fans supportive?
Did you ever find love? How does it feel?

I know these are a lot of questions and you probably don't know who half these people are anymore, but a tip is to figure out what the rest of the name is because I only put the first 3 or 4 letters of their name so good luck! Hopefully you are makig Mom Dad and Nonno and Nonna proud with what you are doing! Hopefully you still write this blog and have many amazing readers! Hopefully you reply to this and answer most of my questions! Byeee!

XOXO 13 year old Bella

I tag anyone who reads this and leave the link to your blog in the comments so I can read it!

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