I'm Going To Montreal!!!


Bonjour mes amis! I'm going to Montreal, Quebec for my grad trip!!!!! We found out last week and we were all like, AHHHHH!!!! Montreal is a truly beautiful city that I love to visit, although I have only been there once for a wedding. I want to go sight seeing, see the Holocaust museum, the church, the circus school, and we can't forget the cute french guys. The grade 8's last year had a blast and they loved it! They said it brought the group closer together. That's what my group needs, we all kind of keep to ourselves and don't bother each other. We tend to stick with one group and that's really it. But, we aren't going anytime soon. We are going from April 20th-22nd I believe and I literally can't wait!!!! It's going to cost a lot to go, but it's going to be worth it! It covers the tour company, hotel, bus ride there and back and food. I will definitely make an itty bitty Montreal diary while I'm there, but your gonna have to wait a little while for it! That's all for now. Comment down below if you are going or had a grad trip. What was it like? How did it effect everyone else in your grade? Anyways, thanks for reading! Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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