I would love to be invisible. I would love to stay in my room curled into a ball, where no one can see me. You wouldn't have to talk to or see anyone. I would gladly text people though, it's easier than physically talking. Being invisible would be great, you wouldn't have to worry about what you look like, you wouldn't be judged by anyone, no one would stare at you or give you dirty looks. All because they can't see you. The only downside is that people who love you wouldn't be able to see your beauty. Their  heart wouldn't skip any beats when you walk past them and they wouldn't get nervous when they see you, because they can't.

If I was invisible, would anyone try to look for me? Figure out what happened to me? Ask for me to become visible again? Would the person who has a crush on me be concerned about where I've gone? How easily would people forget about me? Would it take months? Or years? Weeks or days? I guess I'll never know, because I'm not invisible. I don't plan on becoming invisible anytime soon, but it would be an interesting experience.

XOXO Bella

Leave a comment about what you think invisibility would be like to you. How do you think people would think if you ever became invisible? Think about it.

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