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                     Music is a beautiful thing, I don't know how I would live if there wasn't music in the world. I probably wouldn't be very happy or joyful and I wouldn't get lost in deep thoughts while focusing on lyrics and figuring out the meaning and thinking about the joys I have while listening to different sounds and voices together in a beautiful masterpiece. Some people say you can get lost in music, like you're transported to a different world if you really focus and immerse yourself. I have many songs that I listen to and I get lost in. I actually have a playlist on and I will explain why I chose these particular songs right now. Let's go!

1. Renegades - X Ambassadors

Okay, I know this is in a car commercial but it's good. It makes me feel like I am actually driving in that car which is really funny to me because I find that car commercials now a days are so intense. But this post IS NOT about car commercials, it's about music. This one is a definite song I listen to when I need to think, it gets the juices flowing.

2. Peanut Butter Jelly - Galantis

This one sounds stupid, but this is the one I listen to when I want to dance or I am just really bored and I have to study. If you want to have fun, this is something you should listen to. Plus you will notice that I don't have a specific music taste I like. It's very mixed. But who cares anyways!

3.Young & Foolish - Alex Aiono

THIS SONG IS MY EVERYTHING!!!!! Okay, calm down now. Not only is this written by the cute YouTuber Alex Aiono, but it is literal perfection! Plus if you listen to the lyrics closely it sounds like this guy is stalking the girl in the song but it's really funny. It's basically about a boy who is madly in love and this love is making him do foolish things like obsessing about her. You'll have to listen to it to fully understand!

4.Race Against The Sunset - Lullatone

This was not only used in Little Big Planet 3 in as the background music, but it is literally the cutest song ever and is perfect music if you are a YouTuber! This song literally reminds me of summer and just makes me so happy!!!!!

5.Maybe - Birdy

This song is one I listen to when I had a bad day or I need to think about what I'm gonna do about the high school situation with Arnold and I. Also quick story!!! Today was the Dance-A-Thon at my school for Halloween and the intermediates carved pumpkins. I carved an owl on my pumpkin. I was at the sink washing my hands and Arnold was there and he said to me "I saw your owl pumpkin..." and I was like "Uh, Okay and?? Is it good?" and he was like "...It's a possibility" and then I blushed and was like "Thanks". My friends saw me after it had happened and they were like "are you okay?" and I was like " I'm more than okay!"

6.Hide Away - Daya

You need to listen to this like right now and focus on the lyrics. Her lyrics literally tell the truth about the boys and girls in society and it's just like, I would really like to know where the good boys go. You just need to listen to it and tell me what you think!

7. Sit Still, Look Pretty - Daya

Yes Daya once again. She is one of my favorite artists and her songs literally sing my thoughts. See what I did there? Instead of putting speak my thoughts I put sing! No?No. No, but seriously, her songs are so relatable and are just my favorite! I definetly recomend her to anyone!

8. Roses - The Chainsmokers

This is my go to song when I'm on a bus ride for a school trip or just travelling in general. I don't know why, but I always listen to this song when I travel. I think I do it to keep my mind off of anxiety when I travel and just distract myself. I will definetly listen to this when I go to Montreal and sit on a bus for 4 hours.

9. Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club

This is a good song to listen to while your relaxing, thinking or chillin. It gets the creative juices flowing when you work, in fact any music I find helps you create. Fun fact: I cannot write a blog post unless I listen to music. I just can't do it without my music.

10. Castle - Halsey

HALSEY IS MY LITERAL QUEEN! MY good friend Fai recomended her music to me, Hey Fai if your reading, hopefully your reading this. Other songs of hers you should listen to are Colors and Gasoline. I just love them so much and I listen to them non-stop!

Well, that's basically like a top 10. Hopefully you listen to some of these songs, leave your feedback and suggestions for other songs I can add to my playlist! Also join my blog to be notified when I make a new post! Thanks so much for reading. Byeee!!!

XOXO Bella

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