Under The Weather



(Photo taken from Tumblr)

I'm sick. It's finally autumn. The orange and red crispy leaves have finally fallen off the trees and onto the ground, where I step on them and feel the cold wind on my red nose that is stuffed with disgustingnes and the plague. Oh how getting sick in autumn is so common. I literally feel like death. I can't breath, my throat feels like a cat is just sitting in it and using it as a scratching board and I sound like I'm dying. I guess a cold is autumns way of saying " Greetings, welcome to the new weather before Elsa takes over". I have consumed a lot of tea these past few days and I am still dying. I've tried Advil and halls and they seem to be working so far, but I am sitting in bed with my nose congested and my throat aching. I know I don't have strep or bronchitis because I have had them both and they were far worse feeling than this is. But it's only been a few days, 4 at least, and I am still clearly surviving this autumn welcome to the new weather that is going to stay for like a month and a half until the ground is no longer covered in crispy leaves, but covered in snow for the next 6 months, thanks to Elsa. Hopefully I survive the week because my intermediate division is going to see the play about Hana's Suitcase, the story of a little girl from the Holocaust. I am very excited about this because the little girls brother actually lives in Toronto so we might see him appear at the play! At least that's what I'm hoping. We are going on Friday and I just might bring my camera... We'll see about it! Anyways, I'm going to go back to dying and drinking tea now.

XOXO Bella

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