Hey! So I am going to be doing this thing I hope I created, called BEDIN. It basically stands for:
It's kind of like VEDIN which is Video Every Day In November but I'm not sure when I want to start my YouTube channel. I will definitely let you guys know when I choose to start! So. BEDIN starts right now!!

Hi and welcome to the first BEDIN of 2015! I'm not really sure what to blog about for the fist one actually. I didn't really plan this very well... Eh. So I basically got this idea from Doddleoddle because every year she does VEDA, VEDIM, VEDO and those are the only ones she's done so far. Since I'm not a YouTuber (yet) and I don't have time to film and edit. Writing is one thing, filming and editing are two things, I have time for one thing and not the other. So for now I'll be doing BEDIN. Hopefully, you will read the 2nd BEDIN tomorrow! Join my blog if you want to be notified when I make a new post. Thanks for reading! Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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