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Since I have had this blog for almost 6 months now (Woohooo!!!) I thought I would give you some facts about me.

1. I don't have a phone. yet.
Me and my mom are looking at plans for me and they are all so expensive! We looked at one that said it would be $120 a month for just the two of us because my dad's work covers his phone bill. I will get one very soon I hope!

2. I used to have ombre hair.
I don't even know if I told you guys but no even like 7 months ago, I bleached the ends of my hair (ombre) and I recently dyed it back to it's natural dark brown colour for my graduation photo's. I miss it so much!

3. My brother has red hair, blue eyes and freckles.
I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I don't know what happened with him.

4. I have two stitches on my left pinkie.
I got them from a skating accident when I was 3 or 4. I was in skating lessons and I fell forward with my hands spread out on the ice. Since I was only like 3, I needed help standing up. As I was lying on the ice, a fairly big boy was skating towards me, he didn't know how to turn or stop and *slice* he went over my pinkie. He didn't cut it off, it was just a deep cut and I got stitches. I just remember going into the bathroom and taking off my mitten only to see me hand covered in blood from my pinkie. I got extra stickers though.

5. I bumped into the famous YouTube iiSuperwomanii at Target when they had it in Canada.
She lived in Markham which is like 15 minutes or so away from where I live. At the Upper Canada Mall near where I live, she was in the Target on the same day as me. I was walking and I accidentally bumped into her. I turned around and was like, " Oh my goodness I'm so sorry!" and she was like, "It's okay" and smiled at me and then turned around and walked away. When this happened I had no idea it was her. So after she left, I noticed she was wearing her Unicorn Island sweater and her hat and superwoman ring. After she left, and I noticed it was her, I immediately gasped and turned to my dad like, "OMG DID I JUST? WHAAAAA?!" and he was like, "Are you okay?" and I was like, "I just bumped into Superwoman from YouTube!" and he just looked at me like I said something crazy. Sadly we were in a rush and I felt like it would be rude to go up to her and ask for a picture because she was with a friend. So uh, I missed out on an opportunity.

6. The first YouTube video I ever watched was when I was 11 years old. It was Bethany Mota's room tour in the spring.

7. I have like Aid since kindergarten where we first met.
We have known each other for 10 years now and I remember we used to play games at recess and him and his friends would chase me and my friends and in grade 6 I couldn't look at him with a straight face.

8. My favorite song is Girlfriend by Avril Levigne.
I have loved that song ever since I was 4.

9. I have been an alter server at my local church for over 4 years now and I recently got an award from the bishop for it.

10. During the summer of this year (2015) I created a YouTube channel and when my parents found out about it, I deleted all the videos because of embarrassment.

Well, that's all the facts I have for now. Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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