Black Friday Fail | BEDIN 27


Today is Black Friday. I don't have any funny story to tell, but it basically was a fail. It was a very overcast day and it looked gross today. I went to my local mall to get some shoes and it was around 1:00 so my dad and I thought the rush would be over.NOPE. Every inch of the 4 parking lots was full. Sometimes I think don't people have jobs to get to? It's Friday, what happened to your jobs? We went to Walmart and Payless adn I didn't find any shoes either, but I got a Steam gift card so I could get some games to play with Aid. I got Garry's Mod and he said that it would be fun for us to play.  It was on sale for $2.47 so I thought, why not? I'm waiting for it to download and then I'm gonna Skype him so we can play. Black Friday was basically a fail this year.
Maybe next year I'll actually get to go.

XOXO Bella

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