Feeling Bricks & Creepy Stalker Cousins | BEDIN 2


Hello and welcome back to BEDIN!!!! It's the Monday after Halloween when everyone is back at school and sharing their funny Halloween stories. My funny Halloween story was that me and my friends Dan and Clar went trick or treating together and we came across this one house where we literally walked up the first step to their door, the people had their door open and when they saw us, they slammed the door on us. We were like, "Really?!" then there was this man who was like, "You guys better get out of here." and just started laughing at us. Some people just don't like teenagers I guess. My friend Ini went trick or treating with Gian and Kier and when they came up to my house, Ini was apparently feeling the bricks on my house and when my dad opened the door, Ini said to him, "I like your bricks."Trust me, when he told me this I was dying laughing and very concerned about his health. So for the entire day, Gian, Ini and Kier were complimenting my bricks. I have many weird people in my grade as you can tell.

This one is really funny to me at least. Get ready. So my friend Kat was at her other friends house after trick or treating, she looked on her phone to only see that she got a DM (direct message) from my friend Eth. Eth was at Aid's house along with Aid's cousin Marc and Giov, another friend of Aid. The DM from Eth said that Marc liked Kat, meanwhile Kat has no idea who Marc was. Marc started texting Kat and was being really creepy saying things like, "This is only the start baby". Eth started sending pictures of Marc to Kat and they Oovooed (Oovoo is like facetime and skype) and I don't remember the rest of the story. WAIT! Aid made a YouTube channel and his only video on it is a video from Halloween of Marc beating up a dummy. I literally was face palming myself the entire video and was like,"Why?".

Other than people feeling bricks and creepy stalker cousins, my day was pretty good today. I got started on my cheat sheet for my science test, had a language presentation and had some good laughs at last recess with Gian, Kier, Dan, Clar, and Kay. Apparently I'm running for president in 2020 against Kanye West and T-Swivvle and Kier is my attorney. Kanye ain't got nothin' on me! I'm totally gonna win. Anyways, Join my blog if you want to be notified when I make a new post! Thanks for reading. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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