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Yes, I put on a guy's coat. BY ACCIDENT. Here's what happened.
Today was like -3 outside and everyone was wearing their winter jackets. A lot of people have black coats with greyish-blackish fur on it. Mine did and so did Gian's. I went to get my coat of my hook and I put it on. I was like "Why is my coat so big?" I checked to make sure it was mine and as I was checking, Gian comes over and is looking at his hook which is right next to mine and he goes " Hey! Where is my coat?" I immediately take of the coat, handed it to him and was like "Uhhhhh, I think this is yours." He gave me a confused look and then laughed and asked "Did you put it on?" and my reaction was "Uhhhh, maybe..." we just laughed. It was so embarrassing cause then I looked right under my feet and my coat was there. *face palm*

Onto other things, I have been thinking about what happened with Aid and him joking and messing with me. At first I asked myself why do I like him? We can't even talk to each other when we are alone. We have to be playing TF2 or something. But last night, we Skyped, just the two of us, for 2 hours straight. We spoke to each other and I even made him a bracelet. Yes, I made him a bracelet. I gave him one last year and he lost it and I told him I would make him another one as long as he didn't lose it. So I did that. Now I realized why I liked him. He is cute, funny, charming, kinda smart, kind, nice and we kind of share the same interests. I don't know. But I was telling him how I was sad to go to high school and that both of us are going to forget each other because I'm gonna go one way and he's gonna go another. What he said to me made me so happy, "I promise you, when high school starts, I am going to text in the group chat everyday." I really hope he keeps his promise and I didn't write this for nothing. I guess the future will tell.

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XOXO Bella

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  1. Aww, i hope he keeps the promise. Goodluck bella. Always be happy :)