Hello! I'm back for the 13th time this month! Still keepin it goin. Anyways, it's Friday the 13 and I am literally terrified. I'm am terrified that something bad will happen to me, again. The reason why I am saying again is because I got pranked last night. I am really gullible so it made it easy for them I got pranked by Kier and Aid on Steam. If you don't know what Steam is, it is basically this thing where you can download games like Team Fortress 2 and CSGO and stuff like that. You have a friends list and you can text them. If you read my blog post from the 10th BEDIN I think, you'll know my biggest fear is getting hacked and speaking to people on the internet. Heres what went down...

Kier and Aid are my friends on Steam and they know I get freaked out when it comes to hacking and stuff. So both of them said they got hacked and pretended to be the hacker texting me and pretending that they hacked other friends of ours and they did it for an hour and a half straight! It was so creepy, they sent me things like "I know where u live" and other creepy things like that. I had no idea it was them because they know how gullible I am. They almost made me have an anxiety attack INFRONT OF THEM ON SKYPE! I literally almost called the police and was like "THIS NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH BY THE LAW" After they told me it was a prank, I swear I could have slapped them, but I couldn't because we were Skyping. Although, today I slapped both of them in the arm.... still got it. But in my head I was like, what if that was something to let me know like "Heyyyyyyy! Tomorrows Friday the 13th..... BE PREPARED" I don't know. We had a good laugh and many inside jokes today.

I find Friday the 13th should happen in October but I don't know. It will take a lucky chance for October 13 to fall on a Friday. It's more of a Halloween themed day, if it happens during the year everyones just like "Oh, it's Friday the 13th. Kewl" and if its in October everyones like "IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH!" But I don't know.

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XOXO Bella

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