AHHHHHHH! OH MY GOODNESS GRACIONIOUS!!!!!!! She is back! She is back! She is back!!!!!! I am acting like a total fangirl right now but JADE HAS RETURNED!!!!! I missed her so so so so so much and I literally started crying when I got a notification that she uploaded a new post!!!! You must be wondering, why are you so happy? Well me amigo, Jade was the very first person to ever comment on my blog. We keep in contact through emails and stuff and she is the one who keeps me blogging! I am literally the happiest person ever and yes Jade, I actually cried. I am so glad your back! Maybe we can work on something together, just let me know! Thank you so so so so much!Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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  1. Oh my god Bella. Do you really want me to cry? I'm gonna cry because of happiness. I hate you :( Actually, you're the person that I thought of to start blogging again. So thank you <3

    All the love. Jade