Snowflakes | BEDIN 24


Today, it started to snow here in Canada. Elsa is coming and I am prepared. I am totally ready for 6 months of snow and ice. Therefore, I made this. Enjoy!


It's not even December. 
I don't know why this is happening!
I wake up to see a little white speck
fall from the clouds.
I first rub my eyes,
to make sure I'm not dreaming.
When I realize it's real 
I feel like screaming
at the angels to stop having pillow fights
and for autumn to stay for a couple more nights.
Slow down with the commercials
for holiday sales,
and let people enjoy autumn
before it bails.
Elsa and her friends are coming to visit,
We have to prepare, she's coming soon.
With Anna, Kristof and Olaf too.
Because of them
I might catch the flu.
That's okay
cause I can't wait.
Till that one night
When I see Santa's sleigh.
I'll set up my lights, 
my Christmas tree and wreaths,
go shopping and win some fights
over gifts in the stores.
I can't believe this is happening,
It's making my head ache.
All from that one sight 
of a snowflake.

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XOXO Bella

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