Stop Acting Silly (A Poem) | BEDIN 29


Waiting at the blood clinic
surrounded by strangers.
Standing near the bathrooms and the closest cubicle.
I glance over to see the horrific sight
of a needle in a man
draining the blood from him.
My stomach starts to twist and turn
and a spark of anxiety
has kicked in.
My mind racing
at the thought of the pain.
I'm starting to freak out,
all these people think I'm insane.
I can't breathe
my throat is closing.
The room is getting dark,
I'm going to die
Everyone is looking at me,
I can't escape.
An arm pulls me into the bathroom
and sits me down.
"What is wrong with you?
Pull yourself together.
Your making a big deal out of nothing.
It's all in your head."
Is what the voice is yelling at me.
My vision starts to clear,
my throat is starting to open,
I can breathe.
I'm wiping away tears
that some how appeared on my face.
"What were you thinking? 
Why did you freak out like that?
Everyone out there thinks your dying.
Pull it together,
and stop being silly."
The arm pulls me back out,
I keep my head down
so I don't have to look at everyone staring at me.
I wasn't acting silly.
You don't know what I felt.

Thank you for reading. I wrote this because people don't take anxiety seriously. They think it's just someone trying to seek attention or someone making a big deal out of nothing. They don't know how it feels. Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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