Taking A Sick Day | BEDIN 25


Today, I left early from school. I'm going through girly things and it was horrible today. I lasted until history at 10:00 am and then I was out. Most of you know this but I get really, really anxious when my stomach hurts. I almost had a panic attack in the morning when I got there and I couldn't sit still and keep calm during someones history presentation. I had to leave in the middle of it because I couldn't take it. The only thing that made me feel a tiny bit better happened on my way down to the office. Aid went to the bathroom the minute the presentation and when someone is presenting and we come back we are to stay in the hallway until it's over. When I opened the door to go to the office, he was right outside and we both looked at each other and smiled and he said, "Hello my friend." in a strange accent and I replied with "Hello." and since I was anxious and trying to hide it, I quickly turned and walked down to the office. My Nonna came and picked me up and I went home. Since I left in the middle of a presentation, my friends had no idea where I went. So the minute I got home, my IPad was buzzing with texts from my friends asking where I had gone. I told them and they all had the same reply, "Ok. Feel better! ttyl!" cause that is what friends do. All I did today was go on YouTube. I watched Aids cousin's video form Halloween like 10 times and had great laughs and watched Teens React to a whole bunch of stuff. I feel a bit better and I'm sure I'll be able to got tomorrow. Oh! NEWS TIME! Sorta... Last night I visited my high school and basically took a tour. I saw so many of my friends from camp and girl guides and it was basically like a reunion! I literally cannot wait to go! I'm scared but excited and sad at the same time. When I Skyped Aid the night he made his promise I told him, "On the last day of school, I am going to cry and hug you. Okay?" and he said, "Okay. But why are you gonna cry?" "because I'm not going to see anyone and" I told him the thing that made him make his promise. I don't know why I keep bringing up Aid. That just shows I like him alot. Hopefully he doesn't read this...

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XOXO Bella

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  1. Aid must be really special to you. and I hope you feel better :)