Worrying & Jealousy | BEDIN 6


Have you ever felt threatened by someone before? You know how it feels. Sometimes it feels sad and sometimes it makes you angry. I feel threatened right now. I am worrying that this threatening person is going to make my life miserable. I am worried and sad and scared and thinking up the possibilities that she might do to make my life horrible. I'm gonna call her Thea, Thea the threatener. So you all know that I like Aid. Thea and Aid's moms are very close and are practically best friends. Aid's parents are the god parents of Thea's younger twin brother and sister. I remember Thea and I being great friends, then over the years. She changed. She became meaner and rude and grew to hate me. The first time I told her I liked Aid, she gave me this look like she was jealous. "Well, Aid's kind of  like my cousin and our moms are best friends" she said to me. I don't remember what I said back, but now I look back and think, I should've asked her how it affected my life. Thea always gives me dirty looks in the halls at school and for some reason hates me. I don't even know why. I don't know what I did to her. Now that I think of it, what if Thea is threatened by me? I understand that Aid is kind of like her cousin, but even if he wasn't their parents are still best friends. I was texting Aid, Kat and Marc and Aid was like "Thea's over but I'm texting." Then he added her to the group chat. I think Aid likes her. I feel threatened by that because I think she likes him.I'm jealous of her because she was also big like me growing up. She lost so much weight and looks amazing. The boys always stare at her. I had these weird imaginations where I would be walking down the hall with my friends and see Aid and Thea holding hands and kissing and me running away and crying, not being able to even look at Aid anymore. It's a possibility that it may happen. That liking Aid for all this time is going to end in heartbreak and tears. I sure hope it doesn't. Sorry this was a weird post for BEDIN. I just really needed to get this out of my head. Thank you for reading I guess? Byeee.

XOXO Bella

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