I Don't Want To Go Back!


Hello! HAPPY NEW YEAR WOOHOO! It's 2016 now! Okay, back to the post. So I go back to school in about 2 days.... AND I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK. The main reason is because of the stuff that happened on Christmas Eve Eve with Giov, Aid and I. Aid and I said we were gonna act like nothing happened, but every time we talk it is so awkward. I am trying my best to forget about it and I think he is too, but tonight was a little awkward. Kat, Marc (yes, Aid's cousin), Aid and I were Oovooing and Kat had left the call for a little bit. That left me with Aid and Marc. Then Marc was like "You know what? I think you two need some privacy. Bye!" and the minute Aid and I said "NO." He was gone. We had like a 10 second conversation and then Kat and Marc came back on. It's not like Aid and I are mad at each other, it's just what happened screwed us up a bit and it will take along time for things to go back to normal. Other than that, things are okay. It's gonna be awkward FOR SURE when we get back, but hopefully things will get better. The worst part is, HE SITS NEXT TO ME IN MATH LIKE LEGIT RIGHT BESIDE ME. Please wish me luck. I am excited but not excited to go back. Anyways, let me know when you guys go back in the comments!

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XOXO Bella

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  1. Good luck! Too bad that you have to go back to school in two days. Mine (and most of the schools in UAE) only opens after a week.

  2. I have school tomorrow! I feel you Bella! And I hope things with Aid get better soon! Good luck <3