I Might Start YouTube?!


OH MA GAD!!!! So I just got a new computer! I have been needing a new one for so so so long, and now I got it! I went from having a Dell Thinkpad from like 2009 to a new MacBook Pro! I may or may not have spent my life savings on it, but I needed it. Not just for watching anime or editing videos but, but for school work. Especially next year in high school. This baby is gonna save my life next year! It's light and thin and it's the 13 inch one so it's not big at all! Also, it means something very exciting.... I MIGHT START UP MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AGAIN! WOOHOO! I have the editing software and a pretty decent camera, so why not?! I'm still gonna think about it, talk about it with my parents and I will see where it goes from there. I really, really want to do YouTube! Ever since I was about 11 or 12, I have always wanted to be a YouTuber! I know now a days, it's pretty difficult to get noticed on YouTube and Blogger. No one really uses Blogger except for like, Zoella, SprinkleofGlitter and Poppy Deyes. It's still fun and interesting to start off with. It's like baby steps to sharing your life with the internet. This is just a little update for now. The videos I plan to make on my YouTube channel are like chatty ones or make-up tutorials or like fashion lookbooks, but I am still open to suggestions if any of you have any!

That's all for now! Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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  1. I got a new MacBook Air this year and it was amazing! I had a Dell laptop too but an Apple MacBook is soooo much better. I had a rough time in 2015 so it was a very good present from my family. Good luck with your YouTube! ❤️

  2. Really lucky that you could upgrade your laptop. Can't wait to watch your videos once you set up your YouTube channel! Good luck! :):)


  3. I hope you do make a channel, I would love to watch it!

  4. OMG Bella! I'm so happy for you! I'm looking forward on seeing you on Youtube, and I'd be you number one fan! <3