I Swear I'm Not Emo (Maybe A Little)


Hey! So today, me and my friends were working on our short stories in language (my short story is almost done! I am going to post the extended version once I'm finished it! BE PREPARED!) and this year, I feel like a lot of us had branched out to the more dramatic and touchy subjects. For example, my friend Dan is writing about a girl who gets diagnosed with cancer and only has a couple months left to live, and I'm writing about my life, except changing a lot of it. I'm just writing about what has been happening in my life with my feelings and stuff like that. I let a couple people read my introduction paragraphs and it was actually a little funny. My friend Dan said it was amazing, my friend Kay cried, Eth also almost cried, and Aid had this expression on his face kind of like he never knew I could write things that deep. I am not going to spoil my short story for you guys, you have no idea how bad I want to! But it will be 10 times better if you read it all in one go! Sorry about that! Eth told me that it was really good and Dan mentioned that I can be  very emo at times. I am not emo, I swear, but in certain cases I can be. Like this one time, it was Dan's 13th birthday this year and me and my friend Chlo were sitting in her basement talking about life. Not how our lives have been or whatever, our legit thoughts on life. Then we got into death and the after life and all that stuff, and I went so deep. Chlo and Dan had confirmed I was definitely emo. I'm not! I can just go really deep into certain topics of conversations. If you were t talk to me about stuff and bring up the topic of the afterlife and death or anything personal, I will go full emo and probably make your brain explode.

Although, I could be emo. I've got the dark hair with bangs, wear eyeliner on my waterline and have double piercings. I sometimes wear a lot of dark clothing. I don't think it would be a good look for me to go full emo, but I'm like a very laid back emo. I listen to Twenty One Pilots and Oh Wonder, I guess that doesn't really make me emo does it. Oh my goodness now I'm just rambling. I'll stop now.

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XOXO Bella

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