Love Hurts


People say that love is the best feeling ever. You feel happy and have those little butterflies in your stomach when that certain person walks close to you. You feel confident and overall full of joy. People say that to cover up what comes in between those good feelings. Yes, love is the best feeling ever, but it can hurt more than getting punched in the face. It hurts, it hurts a lot.  In the beginning, it's amazing. Things are perfect and the two people get closer, they give each other shy smiles when they catch each other staring and they talk all the time and things are just perfect. Then, things happen. Things are said, people lie, and things change and slowly fall apart. You imagine that certain things like the person you love will go up to you and confess their love for you, when in reality they tell you they don't like you in that way and that you are friends. You think they care so much about you, and they think about you all the time. You think they feel the same way you do. No, that's not how reality works. They don't think about you. They care, just not as much as you do. While you are sat, curled in a ball, in the corner of your room, crying your heart out because you know they won't care and don't like you, they will not even know what they've done. It's not their fault and it's not yours. You can't change the way a person feels, that's just how life works.   

The hardest part is moving on. Trying not to care when that person has found someone is even harder. It will take time, it can take as long as a week or a month, or even in some cases, a year.  You can be with the people that are able to make you smile and laugh all the time, and even though you smile and you keep having that thought in your head of how good things used to be and how it ended so fast, and how you didn't even get to say good bye. It just all ends one day, out of no where. You don't even realize how or why it happened. Slowly, you stop talking to each other, stop responding to texts and calls, just slowly cutting off communication and just stop talking all together. They may have forgotten about you, but you will probably never forget about them.

XOXO Bella

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