Forever Alone Day


Hey everyone! It is finally February! Which means two things. #1 is that the weather here is GREAT. All the snow has melted and the weather has gotten a lot warmer. Instead of being -10 it's gone up to 6 degrees! It's in Celsius by the way so in Fahrenheit it's extremely warm! Well, for us Canadians, it's better than it has been. #2 is that Forever Alone Day is coming up! (aka Valentines Day) I know exactly how I'm going to be spending it. I'll sit in bed with my bae all day and we'll watch YouTube and dance around my room listening to music eating chocolate. Oh, you want to know who my bad is? Well, his name is Mac, Macbook Pro. He's the best! (see what I did there? If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go delete my life...) Yeah, we get a long great together! Okay, in all seriousness, I'm going to be forever alone. I know your all going to be like in the comments, "You have Aid! You guys have a chance!" He doesn't like me and I have accepted that fact and I'm moving on from that. Anyways, it's okay to be alone on Valentines day. Just know, that you aren't the only one. Somewhere out there, there is a really hot guy or girl that is alone in Valentines. Maybe you'll meet them one day. Instead of calling it Valentines Day, my friends and I refer to it as Forever Alone Day. Because we are all single Pringles. If you wanna have a good laugh and watch someone slay at having a crush, what the Crush Song by Twaimz. I'll leave the link HERE but yeah, it will probably get stuck in your head, but it's the best! So, if you are going to be alone on Forever Alone Day, it's okay. That's why we call it Forever Alone Day.

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XOXO Bella

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