My Study Hacks For 2016


Hey guys! So since some of you have exams or have difficulty studying, I am going to tell you my hacks for studying! Here is a picture of my beautiful desk (not really. There is a bunch if nail polish on it) with all of my study essentials.  I have my textbook and agenda, a cup of my favourite tea in my polar bear mug (that I made at some pottery place), my computer with some Dan & Phil, headphones, my study notes, highlighters, a blue pen, whiteout (or liquid paper) and my pink sparkly pencil case.


If your like me and love to write you notes instead of type them, write them in blue pen instead of black. I forget where I read this but some people say if you write your study notes in blue pen, it will help you remember your notes better. I don't know if anyone believes it but I do and it helps me!

Hack #1: Understand

The hack that will make this studying as easy as possible, is to get an easier understanding of what you are studying. If that means asking your teacher questions and getting extra help, it will work. It will definitely show in your mark as well. Even if you put everything in your own words, for example; definitions in your own words to help yourself understand, that's fine too. Trust me, if you understand mostly everything, studying will be a breeze and your marks will improve.

Hack #2: Take Notes With Friends

I am the kind of person who likes to do my notes alone. But then I see that my friends will have better notes than me and get outstanding marks on their tests. So, if you need help getting notes, do it with a friend or two! Trust me, this helps because instead of comparing notes with your friends and re-writing it a thousand times, you can just do your notes together!

Hack #3: Know When Your Test Is And Plan A Date To Start Studying

This one is really important! My preference is to start studying the weekend before the test and get your notes the week before the test. My test is this Thursday and I have a P.A. Day on Monday, so I am deciding to start studying on the Monday.  Therefore I have 4 days to study. 4-5 days is about the right amount of time to study for me at least. The least I do is 3 days. Whatever works for you.

Hack #4: Know The Types Of Questions You Will Have On The Test & What You Need To Know

Obviously you need to know what you need to study for this test. Make sure you have everything and understand the questions you need to know the answers for!


You see the letters in red? Yep! This always helps me so I don't need to flip back and forth trying to find out where the information it. I do it before and and make note of the pages that have the information I need.

Hack #5: Highlight!

I know this isn't just me, but I love to highlight my notes! It makes me feel so organized with my notes and makes my notes look cool. So why not?  Once you are done your notes, highlight them to make them organized and less plain!

Hack #6: Memorize Definitions

This one is a life saver! If you memorize the definitions, it will be easier for you to answer questions. You will know what the words mean and be able to apply it to your answer!

Hack #7: Listen To Music & Drink Tea

I know a lot of people can't do this, but it helps me. I recommend to listen to quiet, slow and calming music. It helps me focus. Drinking tea is just something I do to help me focus as well.

So, these were my study hacks that I use to help me study for test! Hopefully some of these helped you out and if you have any hacks you want to add, leave them in the comments! Anyways, that's all for today. Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Also... HAPPY FOREVER ALONE DAY! Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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  1. Really great study tips Bella! I love your cute mug (wow! You made it?! :O) and will be using your 'study hacks' to help me revise for my GCSEs ;) ❤️

    1. Wow! Thank you! That sounds great! Have fun studying!

  2. Thanks for the helpful tips! They actually make studying look fun :):)

    1. No problem! And trust me, your marks will improve!