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We all know who Bethany Mota is at this point. She is a famous Youtuber who was on Dancing With The Stars and has a clothing line at Aeropostale. That doesn't define her. She is kind, caring, strong, brave an cheerful. How do I know this? She helped me through the toughest times. I still remember my friend talking about her videos back in 2013. I had come home from school and was feeling bored, so I went onto Youtube and typed Bethany Mota into the search bar. Her channel popped up and I clicked on a video. "ROOM TOUR!!! (Macbarbie07)" was the videos title. I enjoyed it and of course watched more. 

Video after video, I watched. I watched her videos for hours on end. I was happy and forgot about all my problems when I watched her videos. She was kind of like an inspiration to me. I learned beauty hacks and how to not dress like a slob thanks to her. I wish to meet her someday, if she ever goes on a tour again.

You must be wondering? Why all of a sudden are you talking about her? She doesn't even make videos that often anymore! 

Well, I was recently watching this girl talking about how she gained a lot of weight recently. I don't think anyone really cares. She is still an inspiration to me. A little bit of weight gain didn't stop her from wearing what she wanted. She is confident and proud to be who she is, don't judge her all because of one change.

And Bethany, if you read this (HIGHLY DOUBT IT), I just want to thank you for helping me be a little moe confident in who I am.

Well, that's all for today! Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee! 

XOXO Bella

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