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I swear, the title is not what is sounds like. I promise you. Anyways!

Today was another snow day. It was freezing rain and icy and snowing and mother nature basically told us that winter isn't going away that fast. This time, instead of failing at making a mug cake, I went to school. My friend Dan said she was going so I thought I would keep her company. You wanna know how many people were there? There were 6 grade eights, and 2 grade sevens in the intermediate division. I have no idea for the rest of the divisions. So you might be wondering... Bella, what did you do on this snow day? Well, the 6 grade eights built two tables. Not one, not three, two. We were actually pretty proud of ourselves, we signed the bottoms and everything. I may or may not have almost broken the table, but that's fine. Basically, we were drilling in screws to keep the top of piece of the table on, and I screwed it in too deep and almost cracked the board... Good one Bella.

Other than almost breaking tables, my friend Aust read our teacher his short story. His short story was about all of the inside jokes we had with that teacher. Let's just say we all died laughing, and Aust didn't get killed. Last year was a fun year filled with many inside jokes. There's Whaley The Whale, who was a whale silhouette created in art class by our teacher. He was hung on the wall at the back of the classroom until one day, our teacher threw him out. We all rebelled against him and took Whaley out of the trash and put him back up. He kept trying to take him down and I think someone still has it. I'm not quite sure. Also, our math teacher is a cyborg and our language teacher is an alien. There are so many inside jokes, but I think most of them should just be between us! Maybe you'll hear more in the future.

As Aust was reading his story, the 5 other people who were there sat on the tables we just built. The table was a bit tall and I tried to sit on it. I was struggling a but and had to jump in order to sit on it. My teacher and my friends saw me struggling and we all died laughing. I WAS TOO SHORT TO SIT ON THE TABLE I COULDN'T EVEN AT THAT MOMENT! Well, there goes my social life.

Now, you must be wondering. How did your brother almost die? Funny story! So today was freezing rain and rain and snow and cold and whatever. It rained in the morning so everything was wet, then it got cold and everything froze over. Just imagine seeing the roads and sidewalks looking wet. They weren't wet, they were covered in sheets of clear ice. 

I had gone to the mall with my mom and brother to get my eyebrows done, and as we were walking from the car to the doors of the malls, it was very icy. I almost took a couple tumbles on the way up, and I'm surprised I didn't die. However, as we walked closer to the door, the ice got more slippery. THUMP! Down goes my brother. He took one step, his foot slipped, tried to catch himself and just flips and falls to the ground. Wasn't there salt on the ice? Oh yeah, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FREAKING DOOR AND NOWHERE ELSE! My mom went to guest services and told them to get on it anyways. Well, that'd what happened in my day. What happened in yours? Let me know in the comments!

Well that's all for today! Thank you so much for reading. Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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