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So sadly, my march break has come to an end. Today was my first day back at school. It was pretty boring actually, I have a tiny bit of geography homework. But who cares about geography anyways? We did our regular Monday routine of french first thing, then gym, recess, geography, science, lunch, recess, math, language, recess, religion and home. I know, how exciting.

My teacher told us that she would be re-arranging our seats tomorrow and I was like NOOOOOOOO! I sit at the back with my friends Chan, Sar, and Aid. I face Aid which is pretty good, I get to talk to him a lot. Things have been getting better between us. Oh my gosh I just realized I'm making it seem like something bad happened between us. Nothing bad has happened, ever since that thing happened over the christmas break, we haven't really been talking. We Skype every now and then but we talk a lot more at school. I am fine with that, I still like him. I just know that as soon as high school starts, me and our funny memories will be forgotten. I'll probably see him again when I get my job at a pillow factory. Long story...

I didn't expect that much from the first day after march break. Everyone was just tired and cold, the weather took a turn on us and it was windy and cold. Thanks mother nature, I hope you're aware that the first day of spring was yesterday...

Well, thats all for today! Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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  1. Your break ended this early? So what about Easter? It's sad to know that your first day was really bad. I think that's exactly how my first day's gonna be too:(
    PS you have 3 recesses? I have only one...

    1. I still go to elementary school. In Canada, we rarely have middle school. Our elementary school goes from junior kindergarten to grade 8. Hopefully your first day back is slightly better than mine!