Fitness & A Fail | BEDIM 29


Hello everyone! How was your day? Mine was pretty good. The grade 5's presented their Passion Play in which this one parent kept taking pictures with the sound on. Every 5 minutes I kid you not, click! Click! Click! It wasn't like the digital camera click, it was the iPhone camera click. It was loud. My friend had turned around and politely asked the parent to turn her ringer off. She replied with "Mind your own business." ver rudely. My friend was like (internally) "Okay bish." Every 5 minutes, one parent from the crowd would take a picture with either the flash or the sound. Like, they get mad at us for always taking pictures while they are just there like CLICK CLICK CLICK! Anyways, other than rude parents, the play went well. The grade 5's did a good job this year. I remember when I did it, I was a civilian near a fire. I pointed at the kid who played Peter and said "Yes, I know you. You are a disciple of Jesus." and was in the crowd yelling "Crucify him! Crucify him! Release Barabas! Crucify him!" It was very interesting. We were all wearing tablecloths, towels and blankets to resemble the clothing they wore in those times.

Other than the Passion Play, I had an anime club meeting and me and my friend Mae (not Mae from Sweet As Mae) fangirled about Zen, Obi, Shirayuki, Mitsuhide, and Kikki from Snow-White With The Red Hair and One Punch Man, Kier, Aid, Dan and I practiced our drama skit which SUCKS and I had fitness. 

I'm sure I mentioned this before, but my teacher has started a girls fitness club that runs after school every Tuesday and Thursday. Today was the first day, and I died. Kinda... We started off with running around the school gym for 10 minutes while listening to Liz's workout playlist and then we stretched. My teacher asked if anyone had a routine they would like to share or that we do on our own. My friend Dan and I go to the gym and I kill her with my routine, so she put my hand up and I did my routine. I basically was a personal trainer, with the help of Liz, for like 7 people. It was good. Everyone got good workout from me. After I finished teaching everyone, we had 20 minutes left. We got out skipping ropes and did jumping jacks and wall kicks.

When I got home, I was so hungry. I probably gained all the calories I burnt off. I had like 2 little bowls of cereal, a croissant and chocolate. I CANNOT DO THAT AGAIN. But, tomorrow is another day and I cannot beat myself up because of this. I'm going to the gym with Dan tomorrow anyways.

Well, that's all for today. I can't believe BEDIM is almost over! Oh well, there is always next year! Plus, I have some good posts coming up! The first chapter of my short story is going up this Sunday, so be ready!

Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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