Going To The Gym For 3 Hours | BEDIM 15


As most of you know, my plan for 2016 is to get healthy, get fit, lose wait and all of the above. It's been going well so far. I tried running a bit, I actually ran 3 km this morning (woohoo!) and died. My best friend FINALLY got a gym membership so we can go together. It is way better to go to the gym with a friend because you keep each other motivated. My friend is way more fit than I am so she helps me a bit. Today, we went for 3 whole hours. Our intention was to go and wait for her dad to come, but her dad came an hour later so we had some time for ourselves. We went on the stair climber thing for 10 minutes, we did some sit ups, attempted some machines, did the rowing machine for 5 minutes, she went on the bike for 7 minutes and we made our workout routine on notes. We now have a routine that we are going to follow when we go. Here it is:

10-15 minutes on the stairs

25 dips
15 push-ups 
1:00 plank

25 crunches
5 crunch stretches
15 toe touch crunches
30 second side planks
1:00 front plank

50 side leg lifts
50 cross leg lifts
30 double leg lifts
25 squats
15 lunges 


I have done this many times before and let me tell you, you feel so good after.

So, while we were there for 3 hours we did that. Then her dad showed up, and some unexpected guests. No, sadly we didn't run into a celebrity, but we ran into a girl that used to go to our school. I'll call her Barbra. She kept staring at us and whispering things to her friend. There are two levels in our gym and we were on the lower level, her and her friend went to the upper level and watched us from the bikes. Me and my friend were just like, "We don't even care anymore." and continued working out. 

Something kinda funny actually happened. My friend was trying this machine that was like a chair that was slanted and you did squats lifting a weight. Anyways, I got on and tried it. The seat was too high so I tried putting it lower. I put it at it's lowest and it still wasn't enough for my little legs to feel the burn. Therefore, I was too short to try out the machine. It's sad being 5'1.

Well, that's all for today. Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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