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Today is national women's day. At first, I had no idea what feminism  was until today. I had to do a bunch of research in this to fully understand it. Feminism or being a Feminist is usually stereotyped to be activists who hate men and love women too much, are physically incapable of humour and probably don't wear bras. I am not sure if I would call myself a feminist. But, I do believe that women are kind of put under a lot of pressure by society. In order for a woman to look "beautiful", they have to be slim and tiny and have their hair a certain way or wear certain clothes or wear tons of make-up. I do believe that women should be looked at by their talents and not their looks. Women are strong and can do many amazing things. We are often looked down on by society. For example, I am Italian. When we eat dinner together at my Nonna's house, the women have to serve the food and clear off the plates while the men sit down, still drinking wine and talking. Why do the women have to do it? Even in the middle ages, women were seen as weak and dramatic. They were seen as fragile and useless. Us girls can do a lot more than you think. There are so many women who have changed the world. My favourite is Malala Yousafzia. My friend and I did a S.P.L.I.C.E week project on her and we got a lot of positive feedback on it. She stood up for her entire village against the Taliban, risked her life all for her education. She has inspired many other girls. I see her as an amazing person who will do anything for girls around the world. There is one that I know who is in my age group. Rowan Blanchard.  She is a feminist. She has spoken at the UN Women and US National Committee's annual  conference as part of #HeForShe. She is an inspiration to me. I wouldn't call myself a feminist yet because I want to get a better understanding of it. Comment down below your thoughts on this, I would love to know! Either that or write a blogpost and comment the link so I can take a look!

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  1. We celebrate International Women's Day at our school and our year had a quiz. We could wear a purple item with our uniform and also enter a competition to design a logo for IWD to put around the school. I always think about the Suffragettes when I think of feminism and also just inspirational women today in sports, acting and famous writers that were women. I know that there a jobs that pay men more than women still today. We've come a long way with gender equality but there still could maybe be room for improvement. Recently, I've been reading Jane Eyre and the play An Inspector Calls. Women's role in society was very different in those times (in the 1900's I think?) and I quite enjoyed seeing how different society was then and how far we have come!