Looking Back On March | BEDIM 31


Sadly, today is the last day of BEDIM 2016. It didn't go as I thought it would, so I thought I would make the last post count. So here we go. Let's take a look at what happened in March...

On the first day of March, I explained what BEDIM was. I talked about how Dodie Clark inspired me to do this, my short story that I'm writing and congratulating Leonardo Dicaprio on finally winning an Oscar. I brainstormed ideas for posts I would make in March, and prepared for the next day.

I told you more about my short story and kind of what is was about. I will put up the first chapter on April 3rd, I am still currently writing the 3rd chapter. All 15 chapters will take me the next couple months to finish, but I will try my best to get it done!

A snow day happened and I failed at cooking. I made a laboratory experiment of a cake that tried to crawl out of the mug and eat me alive. It stuck on my fork and did not taste like a cake. Eventually, I gave up and sipped green tea and watched Youtube videos for the rest of the day, wearing an anime sweater and tweety bird pyjama shorts.

Unexpectedly, I got a phone. I showed you what was on it, and explained the apps I've been obsessed with. I waited for tickets for TATINOF to go on sale and missed out because they sold out in an hour. I tried my best to not let it bring me down, there will be other opportunities... *wink wink*

A good blogger friend of mine had her 16th birthday. She has been through a lot and I though I would try and cheer her up by wishing her a very happy birthday by including a cute gif that I found! I hope she liked it!

I had a day where I sat back and remembered all the times I missed out on meeting my favourite people, and constantly wondered why the world hates me. I recalled all the situations and I got comments saying not to worry about it. I tried not to and it kinda worked, good things happened in the end.

I talked about gaining weight and not being happy with my body. I shared a typical conversation between me and my best friend and talked about gym buddies. I shared the story of what caused this sudden urge to get back in shape. Pretty interesting one might I say...

International Womens Day came upon us and I talked about women things and how I wouldn't really call myself a feminist, but that doesn't mean I don't support gender equality.

Then I had a flunk. I had no inspiration and tried everything I could to get even the slightest bit of creativity to write about. I was worried and scared because I didn't want to let you guys down.

I picked up my grad dress and showed you what it looked like. I am so excited to wear it for grad! I will be sure to tell you guys all about my graduation!

I tried something new and went to the Loft, a hang out that a lot of my friends go to. I didn't have the most exciting time, but it wasn't the most boring time either. It was ok. I was supposed to play pool against Aid and that didn't end up happening, and people were hogging the video games. I had to leave early and baby sit once again.

March break began and it started off with the motocross at the Rogers Centre and a sleep over at my cousins house. It was a pretty good start.

I then went to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls for the first time ever. I was living my childhood dream. I got bored in like 24 hours, but I'm sure 6 year old me would never want to leave.

I took a bath and got deep in thought. I wasn't playing in a bubble bath like a little kid, I was worrying about the future. Being afraid of high school and losing the people I care about most next year. I don't want it to happen, but it's life. Life wasn't made to be easy.

I went to the gym for 3 hours and ran 3 km for the first time. I felt amazing that day and ate all healthy. Me and Dan had a pretty good time exploring the gym machines and seeing how much weight we could lift. I also found out I was too short for one of the machines...

I shared an ASMR video by Dodie Clark that had a special meaning to me. I thought you guys would've heard it, so I shared it with you.

I shared my thoughts on my body. I shared my story of my life growing up being the bigger person in the group. The ups and downs of my progress, and how I plan to make it better.

I decided to try and bring some happiness back into my posts by answering some fun questions. I found a tag and I answered whatever it asked me. I shared my favourite quotes, Youtubers, if I liked my name and qualities I look for in a best friend.

Then, I had a disaster. A babysitting disaster, which included falling off a couch and trying to soothe a little girl crying for her mother for 30 minutes, and then crying because she didn't want me to leave. We played monsters, ate snacks and watched Peppa Pig before the entire disaster happened.

I had a chill day and was listening to music, so I shared some of my favourite songs with you. It was a mixture of genres, from pop to any type basically.

My march break ended and I went back to, ugh, school. My teacher told us she was going to move our seats around and I was totally fine with where I sat. I spoke about what has been happening between me and Aid (which sounds like I'm making it seem like bad things are happening but I promise you everything is fine!) and how next year, everything will be forgotten.

It was then exactly one month until my final trip in elementary school. My grad trip. The last trip I will take with my elementary school group of friends before I get shoved into high school, having to start over again with my life and meet new people. Yay.

I recommended anime for people who want to start watching anime. I fan girled a little, but I had to. I tried not to but I just couldn't stop myself!

I had another snow day and built two tables with the 7 grade 8's who showed up that day. We left our mark on the 2 by 4s by signing our names, Aust read his short story filled with inside jokes from last year to my grade 7 teacher and we were all relieved he didn't get killed. I discovered the tables were too tall for me to sit on and made a fool of myself trying to get on them. I went to the mall and nearly witnessed my brothers death as he took a flip while walking up to the doors of the mall. Thank god he wasn't hurt!

I talked about Bethany Mota and how I first found out about her and how she helped me through hard times. I said my opinion on the people pointing out she gained weight and how it doesn't even matter. If it doesn't bother her, why does it bother you?

I felt like you guys don't know a lot about me so I did the Get To Know Me Tag and answered some questions. I told you how I cried the night before writing the post (k this is really funny writing about crying because I am currently listening to Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez. Sorry, I had to point that out), if I would date myself and my interest in people with hazel eyes.

I was tagged by Mae from Sweet As Mae to do the Easter Tag and talked about traditions and chocolate. I told you about the piñata that my older cousins murdered and how mother nature caused a power outage...

Dan and I got tickets to TATINOF and are still freaking out about it. We are figuring out what we are going to wear (whiskers obviously) and what we would say if we ran into them in Toronto. We are so excited and are probably going to die when we go! Plus, Dan and I join the Phandom and we have no idea what we got ourselves into...

I told you about the rude and annoying parent my friend encountered at the grade 5's passion play and who I basically worked out and then ate a bunch of easter chocolate. I can see why my teacher started the fitness club after the easter weekend...

I told you about me and my mom decorating and preparing for my dad's birthday. We made plans to go to the restaurant where they sing Happy birthday to you in english an Chinese infant of the entire restaurant.

Lastly, I looked back on march and summed up each and every post I did. 

I just want to say, March was a pretty busy month. I almost didn't have time to upload blogposts. I wrote two blog posts a day sometimes to keep up with BEDIM because I didn't want to let you guys down. Even though it was difficult, I was able to do it.

 Today was also my dad birthday, and no I didn't get the waiter to sing happy birthday to him. My mom, brother and I sang it too him really badly instead, which was way better. I got my period at the restaurant and was basically holding down my anxiety so I wouldn't freak out at the restaurant (Basically, when my stomach hurts I get anxiety and it is a long story why and I think I wrote a blog post about it. I'm too tired to put the link sorry). Other than that, everything went well.

That's all for today. Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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