Why Does The World Do This To Me? | BEDIM 6


I recently sat back and remembered how many times the world hated me. I have many examples.

Ex. 1) I had the chance to meet Bethany Mota at the mall near my house. I was so excited to go! But, on the night of the meet and greet, at the exact time, was my dance recital. My mom would've let me go, IF MY FAMILY DIDN'T COME AND WATCH ME! So, I missed out on meeting my idol because of a stupid dance recital.

Ex. 2)  I had a second chance at meeting not only Bethany Mota, but LaurDIY and tons of my other favourite YouTubers because of YouTube FanFest Toronto. I was gonna go, BUT OF COURSE the world was like, "Oh? An opportunity you say? TIME TO RUIN IT!". My cousin (who is now my sponsor) had her confirmation on the same day AT THE SAME FREAKING TIME! AHHHHHHHH! So, another missed out opportunity. I love the world.

Ex. 3) This one is actually very recent. If you have read BEDIM 4, you will know I was so close to seeing Dan and Phil at TATINOF. Not only did the tickets sell out in an hour, BUT MY COUSINS BIRTHDAY WAS ON THE SAME DAY AND OF COURSE AT THE SAME TIME. OH MY GAD ASDFGHJKL! I literally couldn't, I literally flipped a table (not actually. But I would've if I had the strength). I was like "OF COURSE MY COUSINS BIRTHDAY IS ON THAT DAY. OKAY, YUP THAT'S TOTALLY FINE. OKAY BYE FELICIA."

I just don't understand! What have I done to deserve this?! Dan and Phil are having a second show, and I bet that the show is going to be on a day that I have to do something. You just watch.  But of course when I went to see Justin Bieber, Bon Jovi (don't even bother asking why), and One Direction, I didn't have anything to do those days. It's only for YouTube. COME ON WORLD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Well, I'm gonna go watch some TATINOF vlogs and cry. 

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XOXO Bella

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  1. I often think to myself, what have I done to deserve some of the things the world has given me. It's better not to worry about it and look for new opportunities and have friends that keep you perked up. Life is not fair, but a friend recently told me: you know when life is fair? When life's not fair to everyone. Think about when the world has been kind to you too and I find that that makes me feel happier! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Whenever I feel like this world isn't giving me something I deserve, I like to think that it's saving my luck for something big. So big, that it cannot give me what I want now because it uses up all my luck and what the world wants to give me requires a lot of luck. I do cry about it, but then, I forget about it. Because if we only think about the bad things in life, we'll never be able to focus on the good ones :):)