My Montréal Grad Trip 2016


Hello everyone! I'm back from my amazing grad trip in Montréal! I had such a great time and now I am so sad that it's over. Now I feel like I have nothing else to look up to this year, well except for TATINOF. But other than that, there's nothing else that comes to mind. Like I said, I took a lot of pictures! Not as many as I would've liked, but I still took some of the scenery. I took more pictured with my friends than I did of the scenery for memory purposes. So, here are my 3 days in Montréal!

Day 1: Driving 

On Wednesday, I woke up at 6:30 AM to be at my school by 7:00. When I got there, all of my friends were there with their suitcases and backpacks ready to go and our parents waiting to say goodbye. The bus arrived, we loaded up, said goodbye to our parents, and started our 6 hour journey to Montréal, Quebec. It was a pretty fun bus ride. We all sat beside our friends. I sat beside Dan and we sat behind Jos and Gian. Half way through the bus ride, we picked up our tour guide Sean and he introduced himself and told us about Montréal and some of the history, took our names down and our orders for breakfast and dinner. On our bus ride to Montréal, we did karaoke and sang along to the songs on the radio, as well a snap chatted the entire thing. We stopped for lunch when we crossed the border and sat in a field to eat lunch. A lot of the French people looked at us a little weirdly but that's okay.

Our first stop, even before the hotel, was St. Joseph's Oratory Basilica. The church was beautiful!

I found a prayer card with my name on it, but I left my wallet on the bus so I couldn't buy it sadly. 

I'm pretty sure most people know this, but in order for a church to be a church, it needs to be blessed by the Pope. In order to be blessed by the Pope, there needs to be a relic of a Saint in the church. I can be a body part, a personal item or anything that was the Saints. Brother Andre was the founder of the Oratory. He started out as a door keeper, but then became a part of the brother hood. His heart was 3 times the size it normally should be and when he was born he wasn't expected to live. He lived a long time before he died, and his heart was put in the basilica as a relic for the church.

Here are some pictures from the top of the oratory.

On our way to our hotel, we stopped at a little viewing balcony area to take a group photo. This is a story you might want to pay attention to. When we got off the bus, it was all good. We all got out our phones and took a picture of the view. This picture above is the picture I took and that big building is the Montréal Olympic Stadium. This balcony was full of some sketchy looking people, both men and woman that looked to be in their early twenties. It smelt really bad and the teachers were looking around at these people and saw that they were smoking. They rushed us back onto the bus after about 2 minutes. When we got onto the bus, we had realized it was 4/20, the day Bob Marley died, and the people on the balcony were smoking weed... Yup...

After the whole smoking fiasco, we had made it to the hotel to unpack our stuff and had an hour of free time to freshen up for dinner. I was in a room with Dan, Liz and Kat, and I am so surprised we didn't get a noise complaint. As we had one hour to freshen up in the hotel, we had to make our way down to the lobby. We met up with Ini, Gian, Aid and Kier to go in the elevator. Clar, Bian, Kyl and Jan and I got in one elevator while everyone was following behind us. Aid made his way in not paying attention and walking in sideways with his face the other way, the doors started to close. They closed pretty fast and I literally screamed "AID STOP!" then he got pulled back by the people outside the elevator and I was ditched by my friends... At least Aid didn't die!

After that happened, We went to dinner at this sports bar in Old Montréal and the food was okay. The only food I could eat was chicken and french fries... Most of the people on the trip ordered a chicken wrap which everyone said was 95% coleslaw, and all of the people who ate is got sick...

Then we went on a ghost walk which was actually pretty good. I love scary stories so I enjoyed it. Turns out Montréal is more haunted than I thought. We walked around all of Old Montréal and the actress told us all these stories that are way too long to put in this blog post. Comment down below if you want me to make a blog post about the scary stories! But after the ghost walk, we went back to the hotel and Face Timed Gian, Kier, Ini and Aid in their room and had some fun. The girls and I watched a cooking show and then fell asleep.

Day 2: Walking Around Old Montréal

On day two, we woke up at around 6:30 AM and got ready. Our wake up call was at 7:00 and we had to be in the hotel lobby at 7:45. We knew we couldn't get ready in 45 minutes, like come on.

We walked 20 minutes to breakfast at Tutti Frutti and I got eggs, ham and potatoes for breakfast. I also used my A + french skills and ordered myself water in french. "Je veux drai une boit de leau sivouplait?" which means "Can I have a drink of water please?" and it was really funny because both my teacher and my principal heard me ask the waitress and they were like "Isabella?! We are definitely going to be telling Madamme when we get back!". 

After breakfast, we walked around a bit and we eventually made it to the musical swings. I couldn't take pictures because my friends faces were in them, but they were amazing. Basically, when you swang on these swings they would produce music. Each swing set had 3 swings and each swing produced a different note. There were about I think 15 or 17 swing sets all down this one street. I was swinging on the swings and I had Clar, Gian, and Aid watching us because they were going on the swings next. I was swinging and since I am a short person, Aid walked up infront of where I was swinging and tried to see if I could kick him if he moved close enough. I didn't kick him even in I could. I high fived his hand with my foot but that was basically it. However, I had a back pack on. It started to fall off and I was still swinging. "Okay, my bag is falling off right now. Can someone take it please?" So I took it off and Aid had is arms out to take it. I guess because I was swinging, when I threw it, the force was so strong that it flew through the air and almost decapitated Aid. He thankfully caught it without dying and held it for me. Now that I realize it, he had 2 near death experiences on this trip and one of them was almost because of me...

Then we walked to the Notre Dame Basilica. This picture was actually taken right outside our hotel. Right down the street was Notre Dame so that was good.

This is the Notre Dame Basilica where Celine Dion actually got married! 

It is truly a beautiful church, and if you ever get a chance to go to Montréal I recommend going. I actually know one fact about this part of the church! The reason why the ceiling is so blue is because it represents Mother Mary and the sky, which is basically heaven.

It is a pretty big church so they have a smaller chapel as well. This is called the Tree of Life and this was probably my favourite piece of the church. It is so beautiful!

After Notre Dame, we got a chance to walk around Old Montréal by ourselves and buy souvenirs and get lunch. We got about 3 hours to do that. I was in a group with Dan, Liz, Kat, Chan, Clar and Kayl. Our first stop was poutine because we found this good place. Of course I couldn't eat anything so I just got a bottle of water. When we were there, Jos, Gian, Ini and some other person that I forget was also there ordering poutine. When the waitress brought them their order, she has one plate in her hand and then 4 on a tray in the other. She dropped the first plate in her hand and went to catch it, making all of the other plates slide off the tray and crash onto the floor. It was a disaster.

Dan, Clar and I split off from the group and we decided to walk around on our own. I got a sweater with the adidas symbol that says Montréal instead of adidas that was grey and white and a spoon holder for my grandma from the little gift shops. I also got THE WORLDS LITERAL MOST DELICIOUS MUFFIN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I didn't eat anything at the poutine place so I was basically starving at this point. The muffin was from this bakery called Delice and it it was a Honey, Cranberry and Apple muffin. Everything there was fresh and when I got my muffin it was still warm. I just about died.

We met up with Gian because he was alone and we weren't supposed to be walking around alone. His friends ditched him so he just came along with us. Kier joined in and we went to some other stores and fooled around a bit. We went into this one store that sold Ferrari and BMW stuff, and that is Gians biggest weakness. The owners of the store were so good at marketing that it was so painful for him to say no because everything was so expensive. You could literally hear the pain in his voice when he said no. I felt so bad but it was so funny. Dan also broke a fur keychain in this one store and we had to run out so she wouldn't get caught. There was also a man on the side of the street begging for money so me and my friends gave him some money. He replied "Merci." which everyone knows means thank you when we put the money in his little plastic cup. Dan replied "Derien" which means you're welcome. Gian said "Beaucoup!" which means very much and thought it means you're welcome. So we basically said to the man, "You're welcome very much." Now we know Gians grade in French...

After our couple hours of walking around, it was time to get on the bus and go to the Holocaust museum. In the museum, we were allowed to take photos but it felt extremely disrespectful to take them so I didn't take any. It is a very solemn environment and it felt horribly wrong to take photo's. I say that you go to the Holocaust museum yourself to experience it because I think it was a good experience.

After the museum, we went to dinner at a famous Montréal smoked meat restaurant. It was delicious! Although me, Dan, and Ire got in trouble at the restaurant for making a concoction of mustard, ketchup, salt and a lot of pepper on a spoon... The manager actually came to our table and took the condiments away from us...

After dinner we went bowling. It wasn't as fun as it sounded. We were all tired and exhausted from the day and just wanted to go back to our hotel rooms and sleep. On the bus ride back, Dan got a really bad nosebleed that wasn't stopping and me and Gian were helping her. We went through a lot of kleenex and toilet paper... Me and Dan were the first ones off the bus to get her up to the hotel room and let her nose drip over the sink. It bled fro a good 30 minutes before it stopped. She sat down, put ice on her head, drank the rest of my juice, ate a banana, and ate some fruit gummies to kind of restore her energy. Gian was actually a great help. He was the one who was like "Make sure when she gets up there and it stops, to drink lots of water and juice and make sure she eats something. I kept him updated and when her nose stopped, we face timed the boys and they were all glad she was ok. 

Day 3: Circus School and Driving Home

On the last day, we were all tired and sad that our fun trip was over. We went to the circus school and I almost died on stilts. I had 3 people help me up. Dan, Dani and The tallest teacher I have had to help me up because that was how difficult the stilts were. I walked on a tight rope, did some trapeze things, and attempted juggling. Nothing that interesting. 

Then we had our 6 hour bus ride home full of snapchats, the karate kid and singing along to the radio. My snapchat story was 4 minutes long, but it was still so funny and full of memories that I hope I will  never forget. I am so glad I have this blog! I get to document my favourite memories and keep them forever. I hope you enjoyed my Montréal adventure and I am so sorry it was late. 

Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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  1. You had such a great time! Montreal sounds like a beautiful city and a post on scary stories is actually a great idea :):) This post was enough to make me smile even though I didn't experience it!

    1. That's great to hear! Thanks Autumn!

  2. This post made me want to go travelling so bad! Haha Montreal looks absolutely amazing Bella! Beautiful architecture and I thought the smoking story was so funny :) Beautiful photos too Bella xx

    Mae ♥

    1. Thank you! And trust me, my entire grade laughed so hard after that incident!!