The Friend Groups Have Shifted


I AM SO SORRY EVERYONE! I know it has been a whole week since I last posted, and my last post was about my fun grad trip that I keep replaying in my mind. I had a great time and I will definitely remember it forever. But enough about my grad trip you can read my last post to find out what I did, but this post is about what has been going on in my life. Especially at school. It's nothing bad, just I didn't expect it to happen.

On the grad trip, all of the different groups of friends shifted around. It was weird. I started to hang out with a lot of the people I never really spoke to before. We actually had a lot of fun. Now that we are back at school we hang out almost all the time. We hang out at recess and play manhunt, because we are just cool like that. I'm also starting to talk to someone I was really good friends with at the beginning of the year. I don't know, I just made more friends. I don't know how high school is going to go, but I think I will be okay with making new friends next year. OH MY GOD I JUST REALIZED I HAVE 2 MONTHS LEFT OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BEFORE I LEAVE MY CHILDHOOD BEHIND AND BECOME AN ADULT OHHH NOOOO!!!!! I am so sorry for that but I just came to the realization!!!!! Oh my goodness I think I'm gonna move onto the next paragraph before I start crying...

Other than the friend groups shifting, we have some couples... or we had some couples. Now we only have one. I'll start with the couple that isn't one anymore. Gra and Aid. Yes, I mean the Aid I used to blogpost about all the time and the one I have a crush on. I may or may not have cried when I found out but, the funny thing was that they broke up the day after I found out. Apparently they talked a lot over the grad trip (and by talk I mean texted) and then they were a thing, then two days later they weren't a thing. All I'm gonna say right now, is don't cry over guys. The hard truth is that when you cry it doesn't change anything. It doesn't change how they think or feel. It doesn't mean anything. If the person you love is happy with someone else, try your hardest to be happy for them. Trust me, I know it's hard, but you need to learn to move on. 

Away from that sappy paragraph, the couple that was a secret for like 2 months is Sel and Fran! They are adorable together and you can tell that they definitely care about each other a lot. All I'm gonna say its that I definitely got jealous of their relationship because they are so cute together and do cute things and me and my friends are always like "COUPLE GOALS!!!" because they are literal couple goals!!!!

Well, that's all for today. Today was actually the first day since the grad trip that I haven't had a massive project or lots of homework. This entire week I have been stressing and trying to finish work, but for now it's all calm. Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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  1. I feel like making new friends is so fun! I've moved on from some amazing friendships in the past few years, and that's ok. Life is all about meeting new people and making new memories with more amazing friends. I used to be so scared of making new friends but now I get so excited when I meet a new person! Also I definitely agree with "don't cry over guys". I remember when I was 13 I thought I was literally in love with this guy, and then he liked someone else and I cried for ages! It was pretty ridiculous but I know now that there are plenty of fish in the sea! Sorry for long comment but this post sparked a lot of memories for me so thank you! I may have to do a friendship themed post soon :) xxx

    Mae ♥

  2. Just realised how long my comment was. Oops! xxx

    1. That's totally fine, I love reading long comments like these!