What's In My Suitcase For Montréal


It is finally time for me to start packing for my big grad trip to Montréal. By the way I packed this on Saturday but I have been SO SO busy with writing my report for school that I didn't have time to take pictures and post it on that day, so I apologize for the horrible lighting. I was taking the pictures at night. So, let's see what I packed!

Suitcase: Sears Canada
Duffle Bag: Thirty-One

In my suitcases front pocket, I put in two of my favourite shoes. I put my mint converse and my burgundy converse. Most of you know I wear the burgundy ones 24//7 so of course I brought those a long!

Mint Converse: Browns
Burgundy Converse: Ardene

As you can see, when I pack my clothing, each item of clothing fits perfectly. It's kind of like an OCD thing where there can't be any spaces. I guess that's why my room is so messy...

In Montréal this year, it's gonna be pretty hot. I packed clothes that went well with everything. I have 2 outfits here that go with the black tights I packed as well. These are my go to outfits because they look cute and are super comfy!

Black and White Flower T-Shirt: Aeropostale
Black Jean Shorts: Suzy Sheer
Striped Crop Top: Aritzia
Acid Wash Jean Shorts: Suzy Sheer

The first and last day we get there are a little colder so I just have two of my favourite baseball tees and some black tights.

Yoshi Baseball Tee: Bluenotes
Good Times Baseball Tee: American Eagle Outfitters
Black Tights: Walmart

For pyjamas, I'm always prepared. If the room is hot to sleep in, I have a tank top and shorts, and if the room is cold, I have a t-shirt and long, fluffy pyjama pants.

Sunset Muscle Tank: Aeropostale
Tweety Bird Pyjama Pants: I honestly forget because they are so old
Flower T-Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters
Pyjama Pants: Sears Canada

I have this huge and cudly Great Wolf Lodge sweater for the ride back.

And I've got my graduation sweater to wear when we go out so it's easy for our teachers to find us. Also it is comfy af!

These pockets are the least exciting. On the left I have socks and underwear and on the right I have some Moccasins and a garbage bag for dirty clothes.

This is what's in my duffle bag! And yes it has my nickname on it.

I have my emergency kit which has Gravel, Halls because I'm still a little sick, hand sanitizer, some perfume, and an EOS.

Bag: Old Navy

Got my sunglasses and my little case.

Sunglasses: Aerie
Case: Coach

I've got my wallet of course.

Wallet: Ardene

Got the basic phone charger and head phones.

Then I've just got Connor Franta's book!

Of course I'm packing toiletries like my toothbrush and hair brush and make-up but that's not really interesting. Also I didn't have time to take those photos.

Well, that's all for today! I am super excited for my grad trip! I will promise to take photos and share my 3 day adventure with you when I get back! I am so sorry I haven't been uploading, school has been stressful and just UGH. I promise I will begin posting regularly again! For now it's gonna be a bit weird.

Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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  1. I hope you have fun in Montreal Bella! I love travel posts and I find it really interesting to see what other people pack! P.S Cute pjs haha - gotta be prepared!

    Mae ♥