I Almost Fainted...


I think that by the title of this post, you might seem a little concerned about my health. But I promise you I am eating and I am perfectly fine, no need to worry! It's a long story, but you all might think I am really overdramatic. That's what my mom said at least when I told her what happened. So, here is the story of how I almost fainted in front of about 15-20 people. Enjoy!

Today, my school had a career fair. If you don't know what a career fair is, it's basically where different people from different job fields come in and talk about their jobs. They talk about the courses you need to take in high school if you want to pursue that career, what a day in their life is like, what they do in their job, and other things like that. This career fair was for the grade sevens and eights to try and help us decide what path we want to take after high school. I think we had about 8 or 9 speakers, but I don't really remember.

Anyways, one of the speakers was a Veterinary Technician. A Veterinary Technician is someone I think who helps out veterinarians with preparing pets for surgeries or something. This woman had a presentation about her job and what she does. She started off with telling us that she came from Brazil and moved here in 2006 and had experience being a veterinarian for 6 years. All was going well in her presentation, until this one part. If you have read my blog for a while, you'll know I'm not very good when it comes to needles and taking blood and anything that has to do with sharp objects getting injected into skin, and by not very good I mean I am terrible with it. She started to explain how they get materials for tests and stuff like that, and on her slide she had a picture of her taking blood from a dog. Just imagine a dog sitting, with a needle in his neck. Just take a moment. In this needle it's red and just ugh, I'm getting queasy just writing about it. That's how horrible I am with this stuff. At first, I tried so hard not to look at the needle, but I couldn't help it. My brain was fuzzy, my stomach felt like it was going to jump out of my body and yeet itself out the window, my ears were ringing and the room also started getting fuzzy. I put my hand up and asked to go to the bathroom. My breathing became quick and I couldn't slow it, after a couple minutes I managed to calm myself down so I could go back into the room and not have a panic attack. I went back and I was okay for the first five minutes until she started talking about it again. My brain got fuzzy, my ears were ringing, my stomach was gonna yeet out the window and the room was even fuzzier than before, maybe even a bit darker. I couldn't do it. I literally, stood up and walked over to my teacher and was like, "Mr.M, I really don't feel well and I need to go to the office." My teacher looked me up and down and was like "What's wrong, are you okay?" and I just kept quietly insisting that I needed to go to the office immediately. I guess I started to fall over so he got up and grabbed me so I didn't pass out in front of everyone. Then he held me up as we went down to the office and everyone was staring at me and was like "Whats going on?" and as I walked out the door, I walked into the garbage can and dropped my phone in there.  And do you know who saw that all happen? The speaker, AID, Nate, Seb, Bia, Mae, Emi, and a whole bunch of grade sevens. Nice one Bella...

In the office, my homeroom teacher Ms.B, my principal, my math teacher Mr.M and my science teacher Mr.B were with me in the health room helping me calm down a bit. They gave me water and fruit for me to eat. They said that when they saw me walk into the office, I was so pale and looked as if I saw a ghost. I still felt a little dizzy and had a bad headache and stayed there until lunch. I walked into the classroom and was asked by my friends who had seen me in the office what happened. Other than that, I am okay now. I guess I got a little too queasy today and embarrassed myself in front of a whole bunch of people.

Other than almost passing out, I AM GOING TO SEE TATINOF IN TORONTO IN 3 DAYS!!!!! Me and Dan are so so so so so so so so so excited and can't wait to see them!!!!!!

That's all for today! Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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