The Fireworks Incident


Hey! Happy Victoria Day out there to anyone who celebrates it! Since it is Victoria Day, what way is there to celebrate other than fireworks? Fireworks are beautiful and amazing, and sparklers are pretty fun too since you can spell your name using the little stick, but they can also be dangerous. When I was younger, I remember I was at my neighbours house for Victoria day that year and he gave all the kids sparklers. In his backyard, it was so dark and he didn't even put an outside light on. I went to spell my name with my sparkler, I always hit my dad in the leg with it... My dad was fine, he didn't get burned or injured, thankfully, but he could have. I know sparklers are fun to play with in the dark, but at least have a little light on!

Now, it's time for the real fireworks incident. *Flashack to Victoria Day 2010*
It was Victoria Day once again, and we were at my cousins house. We all sat out in the front of the house on the porch watching the colourful balls of fire explode in the sky. My two uncles and my aunt with a flashlight were a great distance away from us setting up the fireworks, while me, my dad, and some of my cousins were sat wrapped up in a blanket trying to keep warm as we were watching the show. All was going well, there were pink and green and blue and purple popping up and exploding, and since me and my cousins were the ages of 12, 11, 10, 9 and 7, we were ooooing and ahhhhing the entire time. My uncles were setting up a particular fire work that was a little confusing to them. They couldn't tell which way to set it down. They thought they set it down the right way, and lit it up. The first firework went up and exploded in the sky perfectly fine, but wait. Two fireworks came shooting right towards the steps my cousins and I were sitting at, my cousins managed to get out of the blanket, however, my dad jumped up and ran off, leaving me sat in the middle of the steps, stuck in the FREAKING blanket. I think in that life or death situation, MY DAD FORGOT HE HAD A DAUGHTER! But, after a little bit of squirming I managed to get out quickly without getting burned. We were all okay, a little traumatized, but no one got hurt. Turns out, they put the firework upside down...

BUT WAIT! Theres more. This actually happened yesterday as we were doing fireworks. We once again were at my cousins house, except this time me, my brother, my dad, and one of my cousins were standing in the road away from the fireworks. Meanwhile, my mom, my uncle and my other cousin were setting up the fireworks. Since the fireworks here in Canada are complete crap, and we are within the ages of 15, 13, 12, and 11, we understood how bad they were. We were watching this one firework go off, until it shoots off sideways towards a tree, and then to the other side towards a car, and then to the other side towards my cousin, my uncle and my mom... All I remember is looking over at where they were, as coloured fire and smoke rained down on them, my uncle crouched down with is hands covering his head, my cousins running away trying to brush off and sparks that landed on her clothes or in her hair, and my mom screaming and running away and laughing a bit. This firework was fine, it wasn't sideways or upside down, it just had a malfunction I guess. But still, it was a little funny.

Do you have any interesting fireworks stories? Leave them in the comments!

That's all for today. Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post, and I will see you later. Happy Victoria Day! Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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