The Spring Fling Anniversary


I would first like to clarify that my school spring fling looks nothing like this. I will describe it now:
- one giant bouncy slide
- some blow up race thing
- about 10 different minute to win it booths
- painting station
- ice cream truck
- food truck
- water table
- ticket stands
- cotton candy 
- snow cones
- popcorn
- old DJ

I shouldn't really be complaining about this because at least my school does stuff like this, but I'm a teenager and I'm allowed to complain about anything and everything. 

But, I didn't write about it just to complain about how ghetto my school is. I wrote about it because it is the anniversary of something special that I want myself to remember. That night, my best friend and I made a change in someones life. It's something that is pretty important to me. That night started a friendship that none of us would've imagined.

It was around this time of year and our school's second annual spring fling was being held. My friend Dan and I had volunteered at a booth for a pottery place to help kids paint tiles and give out flyers for the company. We had decorated (more like blessed) our t-shirts with neon paint. We wrote the companies name on the front and our school and names on the back. They looked pretty crap, but who cared. We didn't really get a chance to explore the event because we were stuck behind a booth washing paint brushes and telling parents that the face paint was straight across from us. It was a long 3 or 4 hours, but it was finally over. Since we were volunteers, we got to go out to dinner with the parents. It was just me and Dan at the end of the table drawing on the paper table cloths. Let me just clarify, the table cloths weren't actually cloth, it was literally long pieces of paper that you were allowed to draw on. So we took advantage. 

Our grade 7 class from last year had an inside joke with one of the supply teachers. Ini was obsessed with chickens, and claimed that Mr.L adopted him and they maintained a chicken farm. It still makes me laugh for some odd reason. So Dan and I were bored at this restaurant, and we started thinking of things we could draw. Flick! Idea! We will draw Ini and Mr. L's chicken farm. I sadly don't have the picture anymore, but it wasn't bad if I do say so myself... We snapped a photo and sent it to Ini. We,  for a reason I don't remember, made a group chat with Seb, Kat, Liz, Dan, Ini and I and we all created names for each other. Mine was Buzzy, since Izzy constantly autocorrected to Buzzy, Seb's was Turkey, Dan's was Chicken, Ini's was Nash, Kat's was Goby and Liz's was Shrek. We actually had a lot of fun with that.

Months passed and Dan and I got closer with Ini. We found out some things that we never expected from him, but we helped him through it. There were some times that were scary, sad and stressful, but we tried as hard as we could to always be there for him and help him in any way we could. Not only were we there for him, but he was there for us. Whenever I needed to talk or if something was wrong, he was there for me. Although, not anymore.We made some pretty good memories in the process, and I still look back on them. Hopefully I'll never forget them, because those memories mean a lot to me.

We sadly don't talk much anymore. We still have small chat's here and there and that's fine. All I care about is that he's happy. He met some good people that he's happy with and that is what makes me happy.

I didn't write about this just because. I wrote about this because this is something I want to remember. I want it to remind me that talking to people and getting to know them happens in the strangest ways. It's special to me. We didn't expect to talk to Ini like that. We just though we would send him a funny picture, laugh about it for a couple days, and then never talk about it anymore. But, I'm glad that that happened. 

All you need to remember is, the people you least expect could become your best friends. They could turn into the people you go to when you need to cry or laugh or need to complain to. It doesn't hurt to talk to new people, and that's what me and all my friends need to remember for next year in high school. I still think I'm gonna cry and struggle to create new friends, but I'm gonna try and keep some good friends close over the summer break.

Thank you so much for reading! Sorry this was so late! I have another post coming on either Wednesday or Friday so don't worry! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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