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Hey! I am so sorry I've still been MIA from the blogging world. Life is getting busy, and it's only gonna get busier. But, I do have some fun things planned for the summer so look forward to that! But for now, I have a little post here. I apologize for the crappy photo quality, but it was dark outside and I knew I wouldn't have time to take them tomorrow. So this is good enough for now...

I have put together a little favourites for you guys! I hope enjoy some of the goodies I have today!

The first thing I've actually had for a while, it's a notebook I got from Coles. It's kind of like a journal/idea/random crap kind of notebook. I write everything from personal life and ideas for blog posts in here. It's a little messed up around the edges but it's still usable.

This book is taking me a while to read because of my busy schedule, but it's great so far! It's A Work In Progress by Connor Franta. His chapters are funny and cute and have a lot of meaning to them. If you're looking for a book to inspire you and give you a couple laughs and make you think about life, Connor's book is perfect for you!

This is a little pocket mirror I got from my cousin. It may no look like much, but I am IN LOVE with the pattern! I think it looks very pretty and it is a great help when I put my make-up on in the morning. Either way, I like it!

This mascara has upped my lash game! It id the Voluminous Miss Manga Rock mascara. I used the regular Miss Manga mascara which is pink and I liked that one too, but I mainly chose this one because it was gold to be honest... But still, it gets the job done and makes my lashes look AMAZING! I once got a compliment from my french teacher asking if my lashes were real! Then again, my lashes are naturally dark and curled so when I don't wear mascara it looks like I have eyeliner on. Eh, I can enjoy mascara.

I use this basically everyday to moisturize my hands. My friends already tell me I have really soft hands, and it's thanks to this! It is called Pure Seduction (I know it sounds weird) from Victoria's Secret Garden. I mean, I know Victoria had a secret. I just wasn't expecting it to be a garden tbh. (comment if you got it. I'll stop now...) This smells great and leaves my hand feeling nice and soft!

MY FLOWER CROWN!!!! This is the very flower crown I bough SPECIFICALLY for TATINOF. I wore it, cried in it, and sadly took it off when the night was over. I got it from Forever 21 and I absolutely love it. It looks cute in selfies and everything!

This is another cream as you can see, and its from The Body Shop. It not only leaves my legs and arms soft and moisturized, but it also leaves me smelling like oranges! I'm not even joking. The smell lasts for like 3 days. At least I don't smell like BO all the time.

This is my favourite candy of all time. Like, if your bring me a basket of these I will legit hug you and you will become my best friend for life! Air Heads are what I've been eating a lot because it was 12 for $1 at Party City, so of course I got 24! It's really bad because I haven't even gone to the gym lately! Mother nature decided its not spring anymore, its going back to winter and making it hail and pour rain. Anyways, back to the Air Heads. I love watermelon Air Heads, which are the green ones, and I also love blue berry ones, which are the blue ones. Side Note: I devoured both of these right after I took the picture...

The very last thing is my phone case. I think some of you had to look at it twice because it looked cracked didn't it? It's okay! When I first got the case, everyone thought I had cracked my phone and then they were like "Oh, its a case...". I got it from Claire's and I think it looks great on my phone! Although, the diamond in the middle pops out of the phone so when it vibrates on my desk, it scares the crap out of me. It's still fun to spin around on the table!

Well, that's all for today! I hope you liked some of the things I showed in my post! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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  1. Body Shop body butters are an absolute must for me, and the flower crown is supa pretty :) Great post x

    Mae ♥

  2. Love that phone case and I really want to read Connor's book!

    Stella xx