Oh What A Night


Last night was an amazing night. I am going to remember that night for a while, because that night was the night I officially graduated. I know grade 8 graduation may not seem important, but you have to realize that after seeing all these people around you grow up after 10 years, it's going to come to an end. Then you only have 4 years left of school and then you are thrown into the real world. Last night was important too me. I had a great time with the people I care about and looked fabulous doing it.

The night started off with everyone arriving at the high school. The girls covered in make up and beautiful dresses freaking anytime they saw another girl, and the guys hanging out surrounded by beautiful girls in beautiful dresses. Me and my friends were taking pictures and freaking out when we saw the people we least expected wearing dresses and just saying how amazing everyone looked. My friend Chlo who lives in Bracebridge surprised us and we all hugged her and freaked out. We basically spent half of the time squealing and hugging each other.

The ceremony began and we started off with prayers and readings, because I go to a catholic school. I was actually one of the readers and was TERRIFIED. I think I did good. After the readings, the graduation certificates were handed out and sadly I didn't get honour roll. The awards got handed out and some of my friends won awards. Dan won an award a long with a $250 cheque, Liz won the female athlete award, Sar won the arts award, and Ire and Stef won valedictorian. After the awards, the valedictorians (Ire and Stef) said their speech and we had some good laughs. Then Dan, Liz and Kat shared the video they had put together for graduation and I was trying so hard not to cry. It was a slideshow of old photos of us from JK to grade 8 with I'll Always Remember You by Hannah Montana playing in the background. How could you not cry at that? I thankfully didn't ruin my make up with my tears. After that, the ceremony ended and we were given roses to give our families. Of course when I walked over, my mom was in tears. I'm sure most peoples parents cried. We were all sent out so the parents could change the room into our dance and thankfully Fai had come and I gave her a bunch of hugs.

Then we had dinner. We had Portuguese chicken which really wasn't the best. I was too excited to eat anyways so I literally had some rice and vegetables. We all ate pretty quickly and we had to clean and move tables so we could dance. The dance was by far my favourite part. We literally just had fun and took pictures with everyone. My friends and I sang a long to different songs and there was a selfie booth that we took pictures in. We danced with different people and just had a great time. Some of my friends even danced with some boys. I'm sure you're wondering, did I dance with a guy??? The answer is yes, and it was great. It was a little funny because I was too afraid to ask him to dance so one of his friends asked him for me. Thanks Kier! I basically just tried to have a fun time for the last time I'm ever going to be with these people for now. After a couple slow songs and a bunch of popular drake songs, we had our last song. We all literally held hands in a circle and then just started hugging each other. I'm pretty sure I hugged most people, but we still have Wednesday to hug everyone else. I know that most people are going to my high school next year, but we all grew up together for the past 10 years, and now I get to see them grow even more in the next 4 years. I may not see all of them, but I will see some of them. 

Overall, I had a great time last night. Even though my dress broke and kept unzipping when I was trying to hug people and got sparkles all over everyone I hugged and danced with, I had fun. I have the photos and videos in my phone to remember everything and look back on it and just smile. If you graduated this year, congratulations and I hope you have or had a great time.

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XOXO Bella

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  1. Wow, it must've been an amazing night! Our school (and most schools in UAE) are from kindergarten to year 12, so we won't really have a graduation ceremony or anything. I really want to have one though, just for the experience. I hope you have a great time at high school and make lots of new friends (even though we all know you won't forget the current ones) :):)

  2. this was such a great post! sounds like you had an amazing time xx