13 Things I Learned At 13


Hello everybody! Today is the day I turn 14! Woohoo! Yay! Celebration! Very happy! Much birthday! Since this past year, being 13, I have learned a lot. So, here are the 13 things I learned at 13...

1. Don't be so gullible all the time, no seriously...

When your friends are saying that they got hacked on steam, or if something is apparently wrong with one of them, don't believe it. They are taking advantage of you and just trying to make you embarrass yourself! It's good that you're a very serious person, but sometimes you need to take it easy.

2. When you like someone, take the time to get to know them first.

So. You spot a really cute guy and you start to develop a crush on him. You think he's nice and tell all your friends about him. But, you haven't really spoken to him before... My best advice is to try and talk to the guy first. Like, he may look nice but he could be a real a** hole. Either that or he's just really stupid. Plus, if you actually want to get somewhere with him, you have to make an effort to talk to him!

3. Think VERY thoroughly about what you do before you do it. PLEASE!

I am definitely a person who sometimes does things without thinking them through. My advice, THINK THOROUGHLY ABOUT WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO IT. In my case, I either end up accidentally rejecting someone without even realizing until you're friend brings it up as a possibility or just embarrassing yourself really badly.

4. People don't always like it when you send them old videos of themselves...

I definitely learned this the hard way... You may find it hilarious to send old videos to people and be like "omg i can't believe this was you one year ago omg!". Um yeah, don't do that. Unless you wanna get f*ed off by someone, don't.

5. Don't care so much about what people think.

All I'm gonna say is that it's all in your head. That little voice that's saying "People are going to think you look fat" "People are going to think you look ugly and you're trying to hard", that's all you. It's what you think of yourself. Honestly, people don't care about what you look like. If you feel comfortable in yourself, that's all that matters.

6. When you feel like you need to talk to someone about something, just talk to them!

We all have those days where we just have to let it all out and maybe cry a bit. What would make you feel awesome is telling someone about it. But, make sure that this is a person you trust. It can't be some random person you "know from school", it has to be someone that you honestly can tell everything to. Trust me, you'll feel great about it.

7. Don't cry over guys. Just don't

This one is kind of obvious. I'm gonna say this now and it's not going to sound nice, but the guy you're crying about doesn't care. He honestly doesn't give a crap that you're crying over him. Because no one else knows and no one is going to tell him. It's not going to change the way he feels for you and it's not going to change his thoughts. It doesn't do anything. There are plenty of guys that are probably way better than him anyways. Plus, you didn't lose him, he lost an amazing person and he probably won't get them back.

8. When you like someone, DONT TALK ABOUT THEM ALL THE TIME!!!!

This is a big one that I need to work on. My friends will know when I like someone a lot, I will constantly talk about them and anytime someone brings them up I'll talk about them. I'm sure some people would agree that they could talk about this person for hours. But sometimes your friends don't care that you hugged or talked for hours on end. So just try and keep it to yourself unless people ask you about it!

9. Don't be so afraid of talking to people and making new friends or asking someone to hang out!

This one is defenetley something I need for high school! I am 100% an introvert. I am very quiet and most of my friends would agree. Like, we'll be in a skype call and when a conversation between my friends is done, there's always one person that says, " Is Bella still here?". What I fail to realize is that, if you ask someone to hang out or you meet someone new, they won't hurt you! You will not die. I think the reason most people are afraid of talking to people or asking people to hang out is because they are afraid of rejection. That is basically my biggest fear when I ask someone to hang out. I know that I won't be rejected, but even if it's my best friend who normally says yes, I am terrified to ask. So just try and talk to new people and make some new friends while you're at it!

10. It's okay to get rejected.

It's not the end of he world! If you got rejected because of a mistake you made, learn from it! If it's someone you told that you have feelings to and they got a girlfriend literally the day after, maybe it's time to move on! There are other people, people that are probably better than this person. It's totally okay to get rejected. Don't be put down or cry about it, it won't change anything. Move on, go outside and hang out with your friends so you can complain about them and they can agree and say how you could've done so much better, because honestly you can!

11. You should actually love your body

So, you may be sitting here thinking your body is horrible. You hate it. Everytime you weigh yourself or look at your reflection in the mirror, you want your stomach to disappear and your legs and arms to shrink in size. But honestly, you shouldn't want that. You may think your body is disgusting, it jiggles when you walk and your embarrassed in any social situation around other people. But really, you shouldn't be. Your body is what makes you unique, if people love you make sure they love you for your personality and not your body or size or shape. You go and rock those crop tops and bikinis, because honestly your body is fine AF!

12. Its okay to ask a guy for a hug if you need it. You won't die

Of course in my generation, if you poked, touched or even spoke to a guy, you were automatically dating or you liked him. My grade was so immature and stupid, that this year we all started getting close with the guys. I kinda wish we were closer before because there are some guys I started talking to this year that I kinda wished I had to beat up the kid that bullied me in grade six. A big moment for me was when I hugged a guy for the first time. I never kissed or held hands with a guy before, let alone hug. But honestly, hugs from guys are nice and if you ask them they won't kill you. They won't tell you to f*** off or tell you EWW NO GO AWAY, actually one guy told me to hug myself but he was a butt. If you really, really need one, just ask. It's not the end of the world.

13. You won't have the same friends forever

This... Is a hard one. Do you remember that metaphor I used a little while ago? I made a whole blogpost about it and I'll leave the link HERE. But basically the metaphor was:

"Life is a bus ride, and people get on and off your bus. I guess I've had a few people get off my bus recently. And it's weird because I've sat next to these people for a long time."

This metaphor means so much to me, because it is basically true. My life is like a bus ride, all my life I've seen people get on and off my bus. Some people used to sit right next to me on my bus, they would slowly move to the back of the bus, and after a while of moving to the back they would get off and not come back. I'm glad some people got off my bus because new people that I made great memories with came on, but those people are probably going to slowly move to the back and eventually get off just like the others. I don't want that to happen. But what I have to accept is that, these people won't be around forever. Who knows, the could move away, I could move away, we could fight and never speak to each other, we could stop talking, anything could happen. But I guess that's just life. It's just one long happy and sad bus ride that goes on forever. 

Well, that's all for today! Yes this is actually my birthday and I am happy to finally be 14! I'm sure high school will be interesting but for now I'm gonna try and enjoy my summer vacation while it lasts. Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

I will be in Florida for the next 4 weeks and I don't think I'll be bringing my computer with me! So I have at least one post planned for each week! So please don't get mad at me because I'm not posting too much this month. Love you guys! XO

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