Easy Pesco-Veggie Meal


Hey guys! I feel like I haven't written in forever, which is weird because I literally put a post up last week. I think its because of how busy school is, I haven't really had a moment to just sit and clear my head a little. For the past month and a bit, I have become a Pesco-vegetarian (if you have no idea what is happening click HERE to read the post I made about it). Now, I love to cook and this was great because I literally have been making this with literally anything I can find. This recipe is probably my favourite because you can add whatever you want to it! I use different veggies all the time and it's honestly the easiest thing ever. Today, I will be teaching you how to make this delicious Pesco-Veggie meal!

 What you'll need for this is some vegetables of your choice. I chose a cucumber, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. You'll also need 2 or 3 eggs.
 You'll also need a rice of your choice. I prefer the Uncle Ben's Bistro Express types of rice because it only takes 2 minutes to warm it up in the microwave. I'll be using the Basmati Rice but you can use any type you like! Also, this is optional, but you'll need a seasoning of your choice. I usually mix a little bit in my eggs to add more flavour to them, but its up to you.

Take some cooking spray and spray your pan to cook your eggs. I usually like to leave the pan on a low to medium heat to heat up while I wash my veggies and mix up my eggs.

So while your pan heats up, wash you're veggies and let them dry while you mix up your eggs

Now, crack your eggs into a bowl and add as much of your seasoning (if you decided to add some) as you want.

 I use the Natures Seasons Seasoning. We're going to be making scrambled eggs to use a fork to whisk up your eggs. Usually to make the eggs fluffier, add a little bit of milk. I don't because of my allergy, but if you want fluffier eggs, add a
tiny bit of milk and mix it in.

Now that your eggs are all mixed up, your pan is hot enough for you to start cooking your eggs.

Pour your eggs into the pan and immediately start stirring them around to make them scrambles.
 Make sure to cook the eggs all the way through and flip them and stir them.

Once your eggs are cooked, Put them in half of your bowl.

 Now you can take your rice and basically follow the instructions.

Mine says to squish it around, tear the edge a little, put it in the microwave for 90 seconds and thats it

 Usually during the time my rice is cooking, I cut up my veggies and set them aside.

I like to cut my veggies really small, but literally cut them any way you like.

 Once your rice is done, fill the other half of the bowl with it.

Add your veggies on top and you're done!

And that is how you make this yummy and easy Pesco-Veggie meal! I know it looks like a lot of vegetables, but you don't have to add this much. you can add as much or as little as you like. And if you're vegan, just don't add the eggs. Simple and delicious!

Well, thats all for today. Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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