High School Actually Doesn't Suck?!


As most of you know,  last week I started high school. Honestly, I like it so far! I have a pretty good semester actually. I have music, french, geography and math. The only challenging things so far are music (surprisingly) and math. I suck at math to begin with, but music is a little difficult for me. I think I mentioned that I play the ukulele, however in the school band (which is basically my semesters homeroom) they don't play ukulele. So, I have chosen to play the flute. IT IS A LOT HARDER THAN IT LOOKS. But, I've only gotten the chance to play it for two days so far. I've gotten better actually, I just feel bad for my friend thats helping me. She plays it really well already and we are literally just cracking up the whole time because I can't blow into the mouth piece properly and it just sounds horrible.  Other than that, I actually like it so far!

My whole fear of losing friends has gone away a bit. I still have the fear, just less of it. I still get to see most of my friends like Aid and Dan and Mae during school and I still talk to my friends like Kat, Gian, Aust and Ire after school and on social media. I have A lunch and that is basically with no one I know. Dan and Rile have C lunch so I have to eat with either Aid and his friends or Hail and Alex. I mostly eat with Aid because he doesn't have many friends, or so he thought, in A lunch so I told him I would sit with him, and the boys are way more entertaining. Thank god for snapchat and Instagram let me just say that! It still makes me sad that I can't see most of my friends when I want to and that we possibly will be split up, even though some of them say not to worry about it and we'll be friends all throughout high school. I still worry, but at least its not consuming me and causing me to over think.

I've actually made a couple new friends. Theres Rile, Claud and Cass. Well, Rile and Cass are more like friends than Claud. Claud just randomly asked me for my snapchat in geography and we kind of talk. Him and Cass are in my homeroom and Cass is the poor soul who has to help me with my flute. Rile is kind of like me and Dan's new best friend. The three of us are in the film club together and she is actually really funny and nice. We had some pretty deep conversations at Tim Hortons after a club meeting one day, saw a guy with the most beautiful eyes in the world, and ate fries. I'm actually really proud of myself. I've kept in touch with the people I was afraid of losing and I made a couple new friends.

I also have a story for you! What did I do this time? Well, I died walking to my math class within the first week of school. How did I die? I sprained my freaking ankle and couldn't walk for 2 days. How did I accomplish this? My clumsiness got the best of me.

Basically, my school is huge. We have a 3 floor building with many wings and all that stuff, and we have portables and portapack things for extra classrooms. I have math class in one of those portable things and to get there I have to exit the school and walk outside. The portables are behind the bus pick up and drop off thing so theres a little road thing I have to walk across to get to the class. My first near death experience happened on the second day of school. I tripped over the curb and flew across the pavement scrapping my hands and my arm and my knee causing them to bleed. Of course only I had to fall in front of a bunch of grade 10's. The second time, my ankle bent inwards when I tripped on a speed bump and thats when I sprained it. I was gonna be late for class so I didn't bother going to the office to call my mom. Biggest. Mistake. After school, I couldn't walk at all. I basically had to hobble onto the bus with Dan, get off at her stop and hobble to her house cause it was the closest, and she was a great nurse and put and ice pack on my foot. She then snapped a really beautiful picture of me and ice pack and foot on her couch and put it on her snapchat story. Fun times...

Besides all the downsides of high school, its only the beginning and we're all trying to adjust to this new and scary environment. I think it'll be a fun four years. There will be ups and downs, but I'll be okay I hope.

Thank you so much for reading! Join my blog to be notified when I make a new post and I will see you later. Byeee!

XOXO Bella

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  1. Thank for share with us! music is life! bless you make your school days more beautiful from Landcaping